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Ear infections – Otitis

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Ear infection is an acute purulent irritation from the center ear. It starts suddenly and typically go around that couple of days. Ear infections are commonest in children, but adults also can suffer. Search care about you or your kid have ear discomfort for longer than three days, the ear drains or on general problem deteriorates sharply.

Ear infections are most common through the winter months. Prevalent Cold Virus makes it more difficult for that mucous membranes with the nose and ears to defend on their own in opposition to bacteria. The real ear inflammation isn’t contagious, but chilly viruses or bacteria infect.

Acute otitis media is the second commonest chilly could be the commonest infection in children. In adults, alternatively, quite unusual. Ahead of the start of college has just around three from four children have actually had acute otitis media.

A typical acute ear infection that heals usually offers no hearing impairment. Study also Aftercare on the bottom with the write-up.

Auditory canal

Auditory canal irritation, otitis externa, occurring both in children and adults, but not inside the youngest children. It’s most frequent throughout the season. The one indicator might be pain inside the ear. It hurts once you press the small skin tags, Tragus, outside the ear canal. Sometimes it’s also fluid from the ear.


Öronkatarr can be a type of otitis media. Then there’s center ear fluid is just not pus. In most cases öronkatarr by alone. Mone if the symptoms return, attempt to strain equalization. For some it truly is adequate to chew and swallow, or push the reduced jaw, or swallow while you pinch the nose. Yet another way is always to hold tight to the nose along with your fingers although trying to blow out that when you blow your nose.

In the event you or your child has symptoms of öronkatarr for a number of months, with signs or symptoms that cover the ear, hearing loss, or frequent infections, you should speak to the wellbeing center. It is possible to then get a referral towards the ear specialist if required.

Signs or symptoms of otitis media

A typical indication of acute otitis media is it hurts my ear. Frequently with fever, listening to loss, head for ear and nasal congestion. The eardrum is red and thick and it was shaped from the middle ear.

Often burst eardrum to ensure the pus drains into the ear canal. Then it ends will generally damage. The sickness also takes place with out discomfort.


Children with otitis media with out pain may have poor urge for food and generally irritated.

The child features a sore ear may have brings about other than otitis media, including an ordinary chilly.
Avoiding ear infections


It truly is challenging to completely shield their children against otitis media, but you can find some ways to reduce danger:

breastfeeding has a protecting effect against otitis media in infants
shouldn’t be uncovered to smoky environments
it really is good for children in kindergarten are outdoor a great deal
Increase the head finish in the mattress from the typical chilly signs.


In adults, the most ear infections far more instantly than in children. It can also feel far more intensive.

It’s possible to alleviate signs and symptoms. It is good to raise the top conclude with the mattress really – your head needs to be higher up than the heart. It reduces swelling inside the nose and ear. Nose drops or nasal spray also reduces nasal congestion.

In ache are common non-prescription painkillers excellent.


Practically all ear infections are treated in the wellbeing middle.

At high fever, extreme effects in the infection, or if it pours liquid out of your ear is becoming deemed to offer with antibiotics. Plain penicillin normally aids.
symptoms persist right after two to 3 days, make contact with your medical doctor.


For children aged 1 to 12 many years with evidence of otitis media is advisable to wait two to 3 days and just alleviate symptoms by offering pain drugs and, perhaps, nose drops or nasal spray. Ear infections will heal in most cases by itself inside a number of days without antibiotics.
below two a long time with confirmed sided otitis media handled with antibiotics although there has been two to a few days. Even children who have runny ear infection, that is, when it punctured eardrum, is treated with antibiotics no matter age.
a child has 3 or a lot more acute otitis media in the course of the 6 months it may be proper with an investigation of a ear specialist. Family health practitioner can write a referral.

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Loss of hearing

Saturday, May 8th, 2010


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Loss of hearing

Hearing loss is usually something that follows the natural aging process. Although illness, injury or heritable changes in the ear may be responsible for hearing loss. Contact an emergency room jourmottagning or get a sudden hearing loss in one ear, hearing bad after diving or after a blow to the ear, and if you also have pain or dizziness.

There are two types of hearing loss: conduction block and the so-called sensorineural hearing loss.

* Conductive hearing means that the sound waves are not being passed on from the eardrum to the inner ear.
* Sensorineural hearing loss means that nerve cells in the cochlea or auditory nerve is damaged, alternatively, completely missing.

The symptoms are treated and how it works with your hearing in the future will depend on where the problems occurred in the ear.
Conductive hearing

Hearing loss becomes worse if the ear obstructed by a vaxpropp. An early sign may be that the cap hit for the ear. In the clinic, you can get help in flushing out the stopper.

Öronkatarr, otosalpingit, mainly affects young children. Then collects the fluid behind the eardrum, which can result in poor hearing. It often happens when a cold or after an ear infection and can feel like a lid on the ear. The long-standing problems in children when the hearing could be affected should seek medical advice.

Usually the body itself takes care of the liquid, but if the symptoms return, try to even out the pressure in the ear, for example, by chewing and swallowing. Sometimes it may be necessary medicines such as reducing swelling in the ear trumpet mucosa so that more air can enter through it. The long-standing problems can ear doctor to puncture the eardrum and inserting a small plastic tube.
Otitis media

Otitis media is an infection of the middle ear and eardrum. It is caused by bacteria or viruses. You get a sore ear, fever and a bad one.

One tip is to raise the head end of the bed because the swelling and pressure in the ear is reduced if you have your head high.

Pain medication helps against the pain in your ear. If ear inflammation due to bacteria treated with antibiotics.

Type the ear or head may cause the eardrum burst, resulting in poorer hearing until the wound is healed. A type can also cause the two legs of the hearing, anvil and stirrup, separating from each other, called a luxation. Poor hearing due to damage in the outer and middle ear can be improved by surgery.

Otosclerosis is hearing that the stirrup bone, connecting the middle and inner ear, is becoming less elastic. When an operation is changed often stirrup onto an object made of metal or plastic.
Congenital malformation of ear

One can be born with a birth defect and no external ear, ear canal and / or middle. By an operation, the sound is passed to the inner ear to improve hearing. This is complex and can not be performed on small children. Hearing aid gives this helpful.
Sensorineural hearing loss
Birth defects in the inner ear

Congenital hearing loss may be due either to genetic factors, have occurred in the womb or at birth. Hearing loss may be mild, moderate or severe, or absent. Hearing loss may also deteriorate with time.
Age Change

The most common cause of hearing loss is that your body is aging and hearing organs.
Noise Damage

The noise, the small nerve cells, hair cells, the cochlea is damaged forever. How serious problems with your hearing depends on how extensive the damage is.
Sudden deafness

You can suddenly hear worse in one ear. It may be due to impaired blood circulation to the cochlea or a viral infection, but usually you can find no reason. Hearing deficiency may return spontaneously or persist over time. If early treat with cortisone, it can have effect.
Meniere’s disease

People who have Meniere’s disease may vertigo attacks, and whisper in your ear pressure feeling. Hearing loss may vary, but usually it is dizziness that is most troublesome. Read more about Meniere’s disease on the link top right.
Acusticusneurinom, auditory nerve tumor

Hearing loss in one ear may rarely be due to a tumor on the auditory nerve. Hearing becomes progressively worse and can also be feeling pressure, dizziness or balance disturbances. Treatment consists of surgery or radiation. The tumor grows slowly and may not always be treated.
Side effects of medicines

Hearing loss can also be a side effect of some drugs. Discuss various pharmaceutical pros and cons with your doctor.

Tinnitus is a common sign of hearing damage. A person with tinnitus has been a constant murmur of the ear or hears roaring or humming sound. It can also be a beeping with highs in the ear. Age-related changes and noise damage are the main causes of tinnitus. Tinnitus occurs even without your hearing is impaired. The reason can be outside the ear.

Noise damage can be prevented. Remember to use hearing protection when you go to rock concerts with high volume, working in a noisy environment or on other occasions when you can damage your hearing.
Find Care

If you find you have difficulty hearing, you should first contact your GP. The doctor may refer you to a hearing clinic, if necessary.

You should contact an emergency room or jourmottagning if you:

* sudden hearing loss in one ear
* hear bad after a dive or after a blow to the ear
* among poor and at the same time feel pain in the ear or head
* suddenly hear bad and feel dizzy.

The address and telephone number of a kind reception you can find by clicking on the Find clinic care. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via the Internet. Click on My care contacts.
Treatment for nerve damage

A damaged inner ear can often not be healthy again. You need a good hearing aid and assistive technology that enhances the sound and easier life. You may also need instruction on how to manage your disability on the best way.

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Dry mouth

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Dry mouth due to salivary glands (salivary glands) produce too little saliva. Dry mouth can be caused by medication, stress, illness or radiotherapy. You can reduce damage from dry mouth by taking care of teeth and mouth well and have a good diet.

With less saliva in the mouth increases bacterial growth. Your ability tooth decay.

Dry mouth is one common problem that often increases with age. Many medications do you dry in the mouth. Dry mouth can also be due to:

* you eat too little chewable stimulant diet as fruit and vegetables
* you have weak masticatory muscles or bad teeth, making it difficult to chew
* you chew less because you are ill and bedridden
* you are under stress
* you have an inflammation of the salivary glands
* you have radiation therapy in head and neck, which can damage salivary glands.


It retained the dry mouth is difficult to eat and swallow food without drinking to. At worst, it may be difficult to talk.

* Take care of your teeth so that they are able to chew.
* Avoid medications that provide dry mouth, if possible. Talk to your doctor about it.
* Talk to your dentist / dental hygienist for preventive measures.

The dentist can measure your saliva flow. If dry mouth due to radiotherapy of head and neck, an inflammation or Sjogren’s syndrome dentist makes an investigation for you to receive the tandvårdsstöd you may be entitled. The support will give you some financial help for dental treatment caused by dry mouth.

You can do yourself to keep your mouth moist and stimulate saliva production:

* rinse your mouth frequently with water
* drink lots of water, but avoid soft drinks and juices
* chew your food well. Do not eat raw vegetables such as carrot and cucumber
* chew sugarless gum if you have not käkledsbesvär.

At the pharmacy are drugs that relieve dry mouth and increase saliva production, as lozenges and chewing gum. In severe dry mouth are also saliva substitutes in the form of gel or spray that can help. It is also important with extra fluoride administration. Ask your dentist or hygienist. If you suffer from dry mouth should take care of your teeth with extra care.

* Go to the dentist regularly, at least once a year.
* Brush your teeth carefully twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
* Use dental floss or dental stick.
* Avoid snacking.

If you are undergoing radiation therapy, there are specific guidelines for treatment of how to take care of your teeth during and after treatment.

Ask your pharmacist about your medicine may cause dry mouth. Pharmacy staff can advise you about mouth care.

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