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Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Mosquito bite takes place once you have been stung by a mosquito as well as the system reacts to the mosquito’s saliva. It might sting and itch, nonetheless it wont change over quickly and is generally harmless.

Whenever you get stung by a mosquito injects saliva into it even though the puncture website. It tends to make the blood does not solidify and therefore have time to soak mosquito clear. The system reacts towards the overseas substance from the saliva plus a mosquito bite takes place. Within the mosquito’s saliva are also substances that make the bite itch.

Many people react a lot more strongly than other individuals. Why you don’t know actually. Mosquitoes also seem to choose particular folks over other folks. It depends on the odors we excrete.

Mosquitoes can spread diseases. In significant components with the entire world is the mosquito-borne diseases like as malaria, a major difficulty. In Sweden, tularemia and Ockelbo disease spread in this way, but these diseases are fairly uncommon. Some many years breaks out more compact, regional epidemics.

Signs of mosquito bites

Puncture website on the pores and skin becomes red and swollen. Typically it itches as well. Every person reacts differently. Some may be significant itchy mosquito bite, other individuals could be barely visible bites. Most bites will disappear in a very few days. Bett around eyes or mouth are no more dangerous than the bite on other parts of the system.

Preventing mosquito bites

Should you know you will be staying inside a spot with a good deal of mosquitoes, it is possible to in advance to prevent itching and swelling by taking common allergy medicine with antihistamines. Antihistamines are undertaking to your entire body doesn’t react as strongly for the bites.

Wear vibrant clothing also. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.

Mosquito repellent that you could eliminate the skin at the pharmacy. Mosquito repellent incorporates substances that affect mosquitoes sense of scent. They may not know your smell. This means that they do not discover you and as a substitute seek out a brand new alternative.

Self-care for mosquito bites

When you have previously received a mosquito bite, it is possible to relieve this discomfort by cooling down the bite of cold water, an ice cube wrapped in cloth, or alsolsprit kylbalsam. To delete a weak hydrocortisone ointment to the mosquito bite may also perform well.

Make an effort to prevent scratching as considerably from the bite. It can worsen the itching along with the pores and skin is broken can bite turn into infected. Should you don’t scratch the bite heals it’s also quicker.

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Coma (unconsciousness)

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Coma implies that an individual is unconscious and that it’s not feasible to make contact with her or him. Instantly call 112 to inform paramedics. If not breathing, check airway and think about giving mouth-to-mouth breathing. If the person has no pulse, start with cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Even though you’re awaiting an ambulance, you should loosen tight clothing, lay man or woman in a very stable facet place if you’re not suspect back injuries and set a blanket more than the man or woman.
Location the casualty in a very secure facet place Illustrator: Anna Ödhlund

Coma is really a critical issue and indicate disorder or injury. An individual who loses consciousness will need quick health-related care . Coma differs from fainting , once the person wakes up by itself following a minute.

Coma may arise for a number of factors. It could be because of:

  • disorder such as diabetes, epilepsy, cerebral infarction, meningitis or brain tumor
  • bleeding in the head because of injuries or accidents
  • poisoning
  • disturbed heart rhythm
  • problems breathing
  • significantdisordersfrom the body’s salt stabilityfrom the liver or kidneys usually are notoperatingeffectively.

When fainting
man or woman loses consciousness briefly.

Call Ambulance
instantly in coma

Right away call ambulance to inform paramedics if a person is unconscious. When you wait for the ambulance, examine breathing and pulse. Add the man or woman in secure aspect position (see photo) if the particular person breathes and includes a pulse and if you are not suspect again injury. Steady facet placement tends to enhance breathing. Loosen the unconscious person’s clothes.

Examine breathing and pulse

If not breathing, give mouth-to-mouth breathing , along with the individual has no pulse, give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Mouth-to-mouth breathing and CPR differs in between adults and young children .

There is a substantial threat of airway obstruction in an unconscious man or woman. It could be that the tongue slips again into the throat or the individual has food or other items that caught in my throat. Proof of this is a snoring breathing or no breathing sound in any respect, or bluish lips. Just a few minutes with out oxygen can harm the mind. It is for that reason essential that you simply give synthetic respiration quickly.

If the airway is blocked to the tongue falling backward, try and convey the person’s lower jaw to open. Grasp the reduce jaw entrance teeth and pull the jaw ahead.

If a person place something in my throat and unable to breathe around the ground, you need to right away try to recover the object. First you, the particular person is leaning forward, delivering as much as 5 blows from open hand among the shoulder blades. Correct right after you make repeated stomach strain. Stand behind the man or woman and set her arms around their body. Press the inwards and upwards. Will not likely the object up, proceed alternating with ryggdunk and belly strain until it arrives up or until finally you get help.

Secure aspect position

Loosen the clothes which can be also tight. Put the man or woman to the facet of your upper leg bent and positioned in front kroppet. Wrap a blanket or clothing when breathing is standard.

In the event you suspect that the particular person injured his back again, tend not to place him in a very steady aspect placement. If the posture had to be altered, like the particular person begins to vomit, so attempt to do it devoid of twisting or bending your again. Never ever leave the particular person unconscious with out supervision.

Steady side placement was previously named the recovery position. See pictures under the hyperlink Secure facet position.

Healthcare remedy

If a person becomes unconscious, quickly dial 112 and ask for an ambulance.

Study in coma

The required examinations and tests to seek out the purpose why somebody becomes unconscious. They happen mostly in hospitals. There may be a single to examine the pupils, measuring coronary heart fee, blood pressure, blood exams and ECG . ECG stands for electrocardiogram. It’s a measuring method that measures the electrical activity of the heart.

In some instances essential brain imaging or cerebrospinal fluid samples.

Therapy for coma

The airways are kept distinct and, if required, the unconscious assist with breathing by a respirator. It also specials with disorders from the circulatory and cardiovascular activity.

Other treatment method offered is dependent upon the cause of unconsciousness.

The treatments are offered both in the ambulance as well as the hospital.

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Animal Chunk

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

To be bitten by dogs, cats or other pets might be hazardous if the chunk is so deep that it bleeds. Make contact with your health practitioner if the bite is deep or swollen, tender and red, and if you have been deeply bitten around the arms or should you think you lack protection against tetanus.

An animal chunk is deep can cause critical and difficult to treat infections as a result of bacteria in the animal’s mouth. Although asked the man can cause serious infections.


Be sure you’ve simple protection towards tetanus. Standard safety is in thirty years. All children born in Sweden are provided these safety from the vaccination system. Seek advice from a nurse on the nearest health-related facility. Study the write-up Vaccination of kids.

Clap no dogs and cats in the world due to chance of rabies.

Self-care of animal

A superficial bite that doesn’t bleed substantially heal primarily by himself. Stick to these measures:

Wash your palms.
Wash the wound with soap and
Set possibly in a very bandage. Stay away from tight connections, an air compressor is greatest.

Professional medical treatment for animal bites

Make contact with GP or next närakut if:

the chunk is deep
bite is swollen, tender and red
you’ve got been deeply bitten on the palms or near a stage
assume you lack protection against tetanus.

If you get bitten by an animal abroad, it’s crucial which you urgently speak to the physician.

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Retinal detachment

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Retinal detachment indicates that parts in the retina becomes indifferent through the eye wall. If retinal detachment is treated early, probabilities for therapeutic excellent. Get in touch with acute eye or eye physician instantly in the event you have flashes of light, “sotflagor”, darkish trails or shadows within your vision.
Retinal detachment Illustration: Swedish
Agency Graphics Enlarge image

Retinal detachment is a relatively uncommon illness. It occurs most typically in middle age and affects women as frequently as women. In this age decreases the eye’s vitreous body together, which occasionally results in a hole within the retina.

By way of gap flowing fluid out and lift the retina from its bed in the eye’s interior wall. Membrane comes off progressively. The retina will be the visual cells that mediate synimpulser to the mind. They get their vitamins through the underlying pores and skin. If contact is misplaced with this dying cells. This means that the components from the retina detachment is no longer purposeful.

We need to swiftly get remedy, within several weeks, the entire retina have turn out to be indifferent and also the eye becomes blind.

Retinal detachment handled early have very great prospects to heal. For more than ninety % of cases heal the eye so that vision could be preserved.

Very nearsighted individuals are at greater risk of retinal detachment. A nearsighted eye is increasing in dimension. The retina stretched out and grow to be thinner and much more fragile. Despite the fact that effective blows straight in opposition to the eye can cause retinal detachment.
Signs of retinal detachment

For numerous, beginning with retinal detachment that you see lightning and sotflagor that moves in front of the eye. Sotflagorna adopted by a shadow that draws from your edge from the visible discipline toward the middle.

When the shadow reaches the center, it can be not to read and look sharp. It can take hrs or days. Visual impairment becomes extreme and comes only in 1 eye.

Should you see symptoms like flashes of gentle or darkish sotflagor loops may possibly be indicators that a gap shaped in the retina. The risk of retinal detachment is then excellent. Test your eyes immediately. The sooner that you are handled, the much less threat that the vision is severely affected.

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Eye Injuries

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Eye injuries are sometimes caused by flying particles but additionally from the spray from corrosive liquids or blow for the eye. Get in contact with an acute eye should you obtained an merchandise inside the eye that will not disappear once you rinse the eye, should you have knowledgeable a sharp sliver or even a corrosive substance inside the eye or should you suffered a blow for the eye.

Eye injuries can take place if, as an example, a steel chip or even a splash of one thing corrosive substance inside the eye. Even a modest grain of sand can suggest plenty of discomfort once the chafe and tears flowing. Typically washed modest particles out with tears. However they also can lead to harm this kind of as modest ulcers around the cornea. Even small injuries can bring about serious vision loss.
An excessive amount of UV radiation also can lead to harm for the cornea, lens and retina. Snöytor that strongly displays the sun’s ultraviolet rays may cause snowblind, in which scores of modest wounds take place around the cornea. It can make plenty of discomfort, but heals following several days. Any person who looks in the sun are vulnerable to burns for the retina.

Eye injuries can obviously also be caused by objects hitting the eye. As an example, a flick of a twig give agonizing ulcers from the cornea.

Blunt trauma for the eye area may cause fracture from the orbital bone, which in flip can interfere with eye actions and supply double vision.

Signs and symptoms of eye damage

Normally you may experience the chafe and stings the eyes, specifically once you blink. The eye may possibly grow to be red and irritated. Tears movement, and you also may possibly be hypersensitive to light. Despite the fact that adjustments in vision may possibly take place.

Most usually impacted just one eye. In infections, nonetheless, usually impacts each eyes.

Prevent eye injuries

* Often put on security glasses when functioning with equipment and chemical substances. Specifically large danger means functioning with grinding and drilling machines.
* Use eye
safety when engaged in sports activities with large danger of eye damage.
In no way have a look at the sun.
* Use caution when
dealing with fireworks.


1) Particles inside the eye

If a foreign object is resolved the white from the eye or within the eyelid, do the next:

* Flush them with h2o from this kind of a clear h2o, or use the shower for no less than 5 minutes. Maintain eyelids aside to rinse is successful.
Attempt to get rid of the merchandise in the corner of a clear fabric, handkerchief or tissue or even a cotton swab.

In no way try to get rid of an object that has fallen around the cornea about the pupil, or appear to be caught or embedded in white from the eye. Usually do not rub the eye. Cover the eye having a gentle fabric and call an emergency space eye clinic just before perhaps heading there.

2) Splashes inside the eye

* Tilt your head back again. Tilt your head in order that the broken eye is near for the floor. This can prevent acquiring in to the substance from the unhurt eye. Rinse right away with h2o as an example, from a clear h2o, or use the shower for no less than 5 minutes. Maintain eyelids aside to rinse is successful.
* Call 112 and ask for poison
data for assessing the danger.
* If irritation persists,
speak to an emergency space eye clinic.
* Splashes from corrosive substances,
carry on to rinse for no less than 15 minutes and then repeatedly in the course of the journey for the hospital.

Healthcare therapy

Speak to the emergency space at eye clinic should you:

* get a foreign object inside the eye and it will not disappear once you rinse the eye
* receives an object
inside the eye and you also know it is a sliver of steel, stone or related
* receives corrosive fluids
inside the eye
* suffered a blow
for the eye.

The tackle and phone quantity of a sort reception may be observed below Locate wellness and social care. You’ll be able to also speak to some receptions and order a single time by means of Vårdguiden e-services My wellness care contacts.


A corneal ulcer may cause an infection inside the worst circumstances may possibly heal with scarring. To assist make sure harm for the cornea drops medical doctor a dye inside the eye. Then seems the wound clearly as well as the medical doctor can provide appropriate therapy.

Therapy of eye injuries

When you are unable to get care of it that irritate the eye adequate occasions to become a nurse or medical doctor, the reverse from the eyelids, getting rid of it as irritating.

If a particle is caught for the cornea, the medical doctor may possibly scrape it below neighborhood anesthesia.

Modest steel splinters that hits the eye with excellent pace can penetrate the eye wall. Skadar speck lens can bring about cataracts. Could be the splinter deeper also can harm the retina. Could be the medical doctor positive if the splinter entered the eye, X-rayed it.

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Tennis elbow

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Tennis elbow, lateral epicondylit, is an inflammation of the muscle attachment on the outside of the elbow. For tennis elbow, you usually hurt the forearm above page, but you may also have pain in your elbow when you extend your wrist by bending the hand upwards. If you have difficulty performing your regular chores, you should contact your GP.

Tennis elbow due to overwork your muscles by repeated, unilateral movements of the wrist. An inflammation is caused when the muscle attachment on the outside of the elbow. You may have painted, hand-worked or spent much computer mouse.

Although it is traditionally known as tennis elbow inflammation is not common in tennis players, rather the reverse.

Tennis elbow is also called epicondylit. Epicondylit is more common in women than in men, and often affects people who are 40 years or older.


Symptoms of tennis elbow may include:

  • The pain is mainly along the forearm surface, or in the elbow as you extend your wrist upward.
  • Symptoms may be insidious or sudden.
  • You may also feel stiff in the arm and it can be difficult to extend the elbow completely.
  • You may also feel that you have less power in his hand.
  • Symptoms do you find it difficult to perform your regular duties and chores.
  • Problems often experience long-lasting, but the inflammation is almost always disappears by itself within a year or two. If you have major problems you should seek medical advice.


The weaker muscles are, the greater the risk for symptoms to come back. You should continue to train your arm when you become pain free. Your doctor and / or physical therapist can give you good tips on how to train.

If you work a lot with the computer mouse you may want to vary the arm movements. You can switch manually or use a different type of pointing device and an ergonomic keyboard facilities.


Try to avoid movements that hurt. Other than the movement that caused tennis elbow may entertain the appeal. Think therefore on how you use your hands and try to avoid that stretch of the wrist. Muscles strained even by slight movements such as lifting a saucepan, pour the milk or using the computer mouse. Maybe you can do some things with the other arm.

The physiotherapist will give you advice on how you can train yourself.

If there is any sport that triggered the problem, you take a break from it.

It is important to remember that even the most troublesome tennis elbow in most cases heal within one to two years without treatment.


When visiting the doctor, you describe your symptoms. The doctor examines you and test how the muscles work. Often times this investigation.


You should avoid the movements that hurts the most. You are usually recommended rest, perhaps in combination with a special brace that distributes the pressure on the sore area of the elbow.


You can use drugs that reduce inflammation. The doctor may give a steroid spray directly into the area that hurts. Since symptoms usually disappear, but they can come back after a few months. Other methods include acupuncture, ultrasound and laser treatment. Consideration of a physical therapist is a good complement.

In particularly severe cases, surgery may be appropriate.

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Bone Cancer

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Bone cancer is usually secondary. This means that it is in bone metastases that have spread there from another cancer, prostate cancer commonly, breast cancer or lung cancer. It can also be a primary cancer. Search care if you have pain in your arms, legs or back with no other explanation.

Primary bone cancer

Benign, benign, and malignant, malignant, changes may occur in the skeleton. Even benign tumors can change and damage bones. Benign bone changes usually occur at 5-25 years of age.

Primary bone cancer is rare. Each year more than 80 people fall ill. Osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma kondrosarkom and is the most common forms of primary bone cancer.

  • Osteosarcoma usually affects children between the ages of 10-15 years and the tumor is often around the knee or shoulder.
  • Ewing’s sarcoma also affects children, but typically occurs in the middle of the femur or vertebrae, pelvis or ribs.
  • Kondrosarkom grow slowly and usually affects older people.


Symptoms of malignant, malignant, bone changes are suffering, often at night. At a later stage, the tumor is often swelling.


An ordinary X-ray examination is often enough to see whether it is benign or malignant bone change. Full diagnosis is usually finnålspunktion (cytology) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


Bone Cancer treated with chemotherapy (chemo) both before and after surgery. Sometimes this is combined with radiation therapy. Bone cancer is usually sensitive to chemotherapy and therefore the prognosis is relatively good today. The survival rates after five years is between 60-80 percent.

Secondary bone cancer / metastasis of the bone

Secondary bone cancer begins as metastases from other cancers such as breast cancer or prostate cancer that has spread to the bone via the blood stream. Half of the people affected by a cancer may spread to other organs. Half of these may be metastases to bone. About 10 000 people are affected each year by the metastases in the bones.

Metastases in the skeleton is rarely a direct cause of death, but degrades the quality of life and shortens the lifetime of the suffering. Skeletal Metastases can make bones so brittle bones that may break with almost no load. Metastases usually occur in the spine, pelvis and ribs, but also in skull, femur and humerus.


The first symptom of bone metastases is pain in the musculoskeletal system. Later symptoms may include fractures of large bones near zero load.

Hypercalcemia, that is, elevated calcium levels in the blood sometimes occur when bone metastases. It manifests as nausea, vomiting, thirst, fatigue and confusion.


To investigate skelettmetastasering used skeletal radiology and skelettscintigrafi. Usually gives a finnålspunktion (cytology).


The treatment of bone metastases focus on enhancing quality of life and increase the lifespan of patients. The forecast looks like depends on the type of primary cancer patient.

Bone metastases can be treated in different ways:

  • Radiation therapy can promote pain relief, prevent fractures and reduce the pressure on the spinal cord if there are tumors of the spine.
  • If patients have widespread metastases can give radioactive substances that act as an intravenous therapy.
  • The fractures and severe pain, surgery may be appropriate.
  • Metastases in the spine causing paralysis is a serious condition that often must undergo surgery urgently to minimize permanent damage. To reduce the pressure on the spinal cord causing paralysis symptoms, are injured parts of the vertebrae removed and then usually stabilize the spine with metal rods.

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Broken bones

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Broken bones, fractures, meaning that one or more of the bones were charged with greater force than it can cope with and, therefore, agreed to. If you after a movement, an event or class has felt a sudden, persistent pain and can not move or support the body part you should contact your local hospital emergency room or hospital.
Fractures are caused by the bones of the skeleton overburdened, often through excessive force. It can happen in an accident or by the bone is weak, for example due to osteoporosis. Children who grow a fragile skeleton and therefore happen more often out of broken bones. Three of the four boys break any bones before the age of 16.

Sometimes we talk about a crack in the bone. This means that the broken leg, but that it still held together by the surrounding soft tissue. Such damage is not visible always in radiology.

A single fracture means the bone is broken and that there are two fracture fragments. In a complicated fracture is a mixed area with more bits of bone. The skin and underlying tissues can be damaged when both a simple fracture of the complex. Skin and tissue can also be relatively intact in both types of injury.

Stress or fatigue fractures can occur if you are totally untrained, and suddenly begins to train hard. The skeleton needs a period of slowly increasing pressures to adapt.

Pain is the primary sign of a fracture. It can also become swollen around the fracture. When you try to move the body part that is damaged, it hurts. It can also hurt when you touch the affected area. The injured body part may be wrong position or abnormal movement.

Usually bleeding occurs around the fracture surfaces. After some days it can be seen as a significant bruising of the skin.

Minor fractures have milder symptoms.

It can be difficult to distinguish a fracture from a sprain. Read more in this article Sprain or sprain.

Osteoporosis can be prevented by eating nutritious with calcium-rich dairy products and vegetables such as broccoli. It is also important that you charged to the skeleton by regularly moving. Walk with poles. Read more in this article Hips Crime.
Find Care
If you feel during an activity of a sudden, persistent pain and can not move or support the body part you should contact the local hospital or emergency ward in hospital

If you suspect that someone has broken a bone, and the wounded can not move, call 112 for ambulance. Read more in theme First Aid

The address and telephone number of a kind of reception can be found under Find Health Care. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via e-Care Guide Service My health care contacts.
In order to be able to find out if there is a fracture radiographed the injured body part. It is unfortunately not always as you can see a fracture on X-ray.

If benbrottet due to a known osteoporosis, you do not X-rayed. The doctor then goes on the previous disease history and made the inquiry.
Sometimes you need to put the broken bone into place. This is done under anesthesia.

In some cases required surgery, for example, at the femoral crime.

You need a support leg to be held in proper position during healing. It can be done with plaster cast or other external support units. The fractures that require surgery usually secured by internal steel bars, nails or screws.

Some bones are held in place naturally and need no support bandage. A broken rib may for example supported by the muscles around it.

Healing time for a fracture is between 2 and 40 weeks, depending on the damaged bone, the type of fracture it is and if you continue to grow. Fractures heal faster in children than in adults.
It is important that as early as possible to start training up and move muscles and joints around the fracture site because they will not weaken or stiffen. This is done with the help of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy also improves blood supply to the damaged area and make the healing go faster. Gymnastics also prevents swelling.

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