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Burns and its type

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Most of the burns are minor injuries that occur in home in the workplace, is very common to suffer from a minor burn caused by hot water, a curling iron or touching a hot stove. Family oriented treatment is usually all it takes to heal and prevent other problems, which could be an infection.

There are many types of burns:

The burns caused by heat (burns thermal), these burns are caused by fire, steam, hot objects and liquids, the burns caused by hot liquids are burns that most commonly cause lesions in children and the elderly.

The burns Electric are caused or contact with electrical sources or by lightning.

The burns chemical are caused by contact with household chemicals or industrial chemicals in liquid, solid or gaseous, also health food quicantes as peppers, which contain a substance irritating to the skin can cause a burning sensation.

The burns by radiation are caused by the sun, tanning beds, x-rays and also for radiation therapies used to treat cancer.

The burns by friction contacot are caused by hard surfaces such as roads, carpets, and the surfaces of the dreams of a gym, generally these cause damage by scraping the skin and cause a burn injury. Theburns by friction are common in athletes who fall to the floor or tracks. The motorists and cyclists who use protective clothing can suffer fromburns by friction.

Burns by inhalation are when you inhale hot air and gases, they also cause injury to the lungs. Breathing in toxic gases such as carbon monoxide can cause poisoning.

The burns cause injury to the skin layers and may also damage other parts of the body such as muscles, nerves, lungs and eyes. The burns are defined as burns first, second, third and fourth grades, depending on how many layers of skin are burned. Lie deeper and larger the affected skin area of the burn is more serious.

The burns first grade are burns that damage the first layer of the skin.

There are two types of burns second grade:

The superficial partial thickness burn that damages the first and second layer of skin.

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Akne and its Symptoms,Treatment

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Acne is a common name for pimples, blackheads and pimple. A pimple is formed when a talgkörtelmynning blocked and an inflammation occurred. The rash is inflamed, raised and painful but rarely leaves scars. Do not wash your face too often and avoid fatty creams and oils. Contact family doctor for persistent or major problems, particularly if you get it as an adult.

Acne is common in adolescence when the sebaceous glands increase their production of sebum. Tallow needed to keep skin smooth and resilient. Gland-rich production of sebum can cause the glands to the skin the time blocking. Bacteria, which are always found on the skin, can cause inflammation and pimples occur.

Acne exist in many forms and has nothing to do with poor hygiene. The black or white dot you sometimes see are sebaceous glands and congestion of the mouth is called blackhead.

There is no scientifically proven link between the worsening of acne and different foods. But if you find that certain foods increase acne so you can avoid it. Genes can, however, have some significance. Some medications can cause acne or acne-like rash.

Acne The rash looks like a small superficial PUSTULE, or a little deeper and painful plit, a pimple. Sometimes you’re better red raised rash which seams. Usually seated acne on the face, but sometimes the chest or back. The cure for most things without leaving scars.

A more severe form of acne called acne nodulocystisk. It provides large and painful fluid-filled bumps or blisters, cysts, skin. The rash may swell and ache. This form of acne often leaves scars left when it heals.

Avoid fatty creams and oils in the face because they can clog the sebaceous glands. Wash at up to twice a day with mild soap. Specialty Soaps are not necessary.

You should never squeeze or self-stick in the inflamed acne rash or boils. Then spread the inflammation and leave scars.

Make-up itself is not acne, but skin can become irritated by certain substances. Therefore it makes sense to be careful with creams. There is wide framework for oily and pimply skin that can be used to hide the rash. Ask at the pharmacy.

Read more in reading further down in the article.

Find Care

If you have a lot of acne, talk to your GP:

  • If after six to eight weeks of self-care with OTC drugs do not see any improvement.
  • if you get a lot PUSTULOUS or large painful nodules and permanent scars.
  • if you as an adult acne-like rash may be extended further.

Take the first contact with a specialist in general / family doctor or school physician. Sometimes a referral to a dermatologist may be appropriate.

If you have many scars from acne can be a plastic surgeon polish the skin. It made no earlier than one year after the acne is gone, because the skin is sensitive then. Your doctor may write a referral for a plastic surgeon.

The address and telephone number of a kind reception, go to Find Health Care. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via the Internet. Click on My care contacts.



Do you have mild or moderate acne, you can treat yourself with the resources available without prescription at the pharmacy. The product is rubbed into the whole area has acne, for example, the entire face, and not only on the inflamed rash. Watch his eyes.

It is important to use the funds on a regular basis and do not stop using them too early. Only after several weeks usually see an improvement.

There are also prescription drugs.

Sometimes you may want to combine different products for acne. Talk to a doctor before starting combination therapies.

Read more about recommended products by clicking on the link top right.

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