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Are you Lacking The H2o Purification Method Which Transforms Your Pores and skin Hair And Well being?

Friday, November 19th, 2010

The simplest achievable way that could add further years for your lifestyle is always to drink pure clean h2o. Despite the fact that several folks physical exercise day-to-day and diet plan to remain match and healthy inside the hope of prolonging their lifestyle; they fail to appreciate that the addition of poisons to their physique will probably be unhealthy. The h2o that we see and use each day is becoming an increasing number of contaminated. The an increasing number of harmful toxins which might be incorporated within our consuming drinking water will leave us open to numerous illnesses, to prevent this you require a drinking water purification procedure which will get rid of this contamination and return it towards the purity it as soon as was.

Our drinking water can include as much as 2,000 identified carcinogenic compounds. The vast majority of these are man-made. Sadly, the vast majority of individuals fail to know there’s no new drinking water, what goes down the drain ultimately gets recycled. Your local municipal drinking water plant most likely recycles the identical drinking water repeatedly. For many from the time, the drinking water utility vegetation managed to accomplish an output of healthy drinking water, nevertheless each and every so frequently a spike of contamination seems.

A lot from the filtration gear that these vegetation use has been in use for an extended interval of time. It’s really difficult for them to maintain up using the quantity of chemicals which are incorporated within our drinking water provide every day. Even though the degree of contamination keeps growing their budgets don’t, this puts you and i in danger of receiving polluted drinking water within our houses. Each and every time you take a drink on this drinking water your wellness suffers.

It’s impossible to flush poisons out of the entire body using the liquid that contains an equal quantity of poisons. You’re not just at threat whenever you drink but additionally whenever you cook, shower or bathe on this drinking water. Showering on this drinking water is really much more harmful than consuming a single glass of this drinking water.

There are lots of various types of drinking water purification processes. Some are much more effective than other people, contrary towards the universal belief you don’t have to get rid of everything from the drinking water. Together with the contamination are important minerals which are important for the wellness. You will find some filters that get rid of these together with the pollution leaving you with demineralized drinking water. Consuming this kind of drinking water over an extended interval will result in wellness difficulties.

To be able to prevent this kind of filter it’s really essential that you simply do your study. An superb way of discovering just how much and what contaminants are eliminated from any specific filter would be to read the manufacturers’ information sheet. Any reputable manufacturer is going to be only too pleased to supply you having a copy. You need to be wary of producers who make exaggerated claims concerning the effectiveness of their item.

The addition of a drinking water purification procedure for your household may have a marked impact in your pores and skin, hair and most importantly your wellness. You’ll be in a position to see and taste the distinction inside your drinking water. Keep in mind you’re creating an investment within the continuing wellness of your self and your loved ones.

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Very best Management for Again and NCK Discomfort

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Are you one among a huge number of workspace certain staff who invest most of their work week slouched in front of their laptop or computer and arrive household with excruciating neck and back again pains? Or soon after enjoying some rounds of golf your again and arm muscle groups ache. Most times some aspirin or ibuprofen eases the discomfort but at instances it just would not perform.

NCK Pain

Most back pain isn’t significant. Frequently, it can be due to strain as a outcome of habitual posture or to abrupt positioning.

Ideal Confirmed Cures for Back discomfort

Treatment for your arm ache might be non-surgical and medical relying upon the brings about of the head discomfort.

A person trigger of nck agony is disc herniation. This takes place when your cervical dvd situated amongst your cervical vertebrae will get misaligned due to mechanised trauma. Disk herniation heals around time. The easiest way to alleviate the discomfort and deal with the condition is bed relaxation, restriction of bodily activity and mobility. A cervical collar is often utilized around your back as being a assist and to restrict movement

Other effective non-surgical remedies for head soreness are:

* steroidal injections
* a traction
device that relieves strain around the nerves – the machine is connected and pulls your mind whilst you’re lying or sitting lower
cases of cervical stenosis can be handled also conservatively so long as ache is restricted to your head, but significant stenosis has to be referred to a neurosurgeon
treatment for whiplash injuries in the nck include things like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen and muscle tissue relaxants
* Physiotherapy

Should you invest most of your function on a desk here are basic but powerful approaches of avoiding neck agony:

* Take it easy your arm muscle tissue in particular in case you perform extended hours in front of one’s laptop.
Uncomplicated stretching workouts within your back muscle groups can perform the trick.
Require a break each and every 30 minutes or an hour and do some stretching physical exercises.
* Observe
correct posture by keeping your head around your spine.
* Your
monitor amount should be at eye amount or somewhat decrease.
Retain your knees lower than your hips.
Don’t tuck the phone between your ear and shoulder.

Surgery needs to be deemed very cautiously particularly when non-surgical treatment won’t provide long time relief along with the issue becomes worse above time. Surgery treatment can stay away from lean muscle wastage.

Back again Discomfort

Based on statistics ninety % of rear discomfort is as a result of pinched nervousness as the nerve exits on the spinal twine. Our spinal wire encases anxiety that goes on the mind named sensory nerves and spirit from your mind that exits out of the spinal twine named motor spirit. Envision your spinal twine at your again as protecting cylindrical covering for these mood. Your spinal cable extends through the base within your head along in among your buttocks. The spinal twine consists of a collection of vertebral bones separated by a vertebral disk. The engine nerves originate through the mind going lower as a result of the spinal twine and exits from each spinal vertebra to diverse muscle tissue elements in the body. If the anxiety get pinched in involving the spaces from the vertebral bones they cause extreme uncomfortable again agony.

The vertebral discs can bulge from the aligned spinal twine as a outcome of trauma or injury. When the discs bulge out they will rupture and put strain to the nervousness as in the case of disk herniation. You’d really feel tenderness in excess of the region. Mechanical stress which include in repetitive mechanised movement or operate, lifting much too large objects and abrupt movement can also trigger this problem.

Strained ligaments or muscle groups outcome in spine pain much too.

Back again discomfort is most common amongst the getting older population. The spinal cord degenerates and narrows the spinal cable canal. Being a consequence, the mood get compressed and continual back ache ensues. Additionally, arthritis and osteoporosis leads to again pain.

Again Agony Remedies:

Non-steroidal inflammatory drugs which include ibuprofen, naproxen or muscle mass relaxants can ease back soreness. Amitriptylin, a tricyclic anti-depressant is powerful to relieve soreness.

Acquire a relaxation ideally in mattress and limit your routines for a few nights

Alternating heat and ice compresses, electrical stimulation and exercises to boost flexibility and lean muscle power

Cortisone injections immediately on the impacted spinal vertebrae

Surgery treatment is reserved for long-term ache which take place in fusion of two vertebrae or operative removal of dvd or vertebrae

In case you possess a arm and back again discomfort trouble generally consult a specialist on backbone problems which include orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. Totally skilled neurosurgeons on advanced tactics are capable of doing the needed surgical treatment for pinched mood or herniated discs. Suitable decision on treatment can free you from a lifetime of ache.

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Sinusitis and its Symptoms

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Sinusitis presents as pain and pressure in the sinuses and teeth, causing runny nose, coughing and sneezing, sore throat besides.

The time of the year in which it occurs mainly in spring, the term sinusitis refer to inflammation of the sinuses that may or may not be a result of infection by bacteria, fungi, viruses or allergic reactions. At present, doctors refer to sinusitis using the term rhinosinusitis, taking into account that the inflammation of the sinuses can not occur without the inflammation of the nose.

Symptoms of sinusitis:
Pain and pressure

Inflammation causes mucus to accumulate in the sinus cavities are the cavities that are behind the cheeks and forehead, causing pain and pressure in the face and head.

When the mucus runs down the nose causes sneezing.

When the mucus dripping down the back of the throat to the lungs and upper airways that causes coughing.
Sore throat

The sore throat is due to dripping from the back of the throat. The mucus tend to accumulate in the back of the throat while we are sleeping at night, so the sore throat is often worse during the first hour of the morning.

Patients often ask or expect you prescribe antibiotics for sinusitis. However, the most common cause is allergy, not infection, so antibiotics are often the best option.

Allergy symptoms can occur throughout the year (perennial symptoms) or only during the times that some triggers are present in the environment (temporary allergy symptoms). The timing, frequency, duration and severity of allergic sinusitis varies from person to person and may change over time.

Allergies are immune reactions to something in the environment. As for the allergy causes sinusisitis, is typically caused by something in the air like pollen, dust, animal dander are just some of the triggers but I feel the possible causes.

Allergies can develop anytime in life – with the first show, after thousands of exhibits, or at any time between the two. So even if you’ve never been diagnosed with allergies before, always something to consider if you suffer from sinusitis.

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Obesity, new public health problem

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Obesity is now considered a real disease just like hypertension. Recent studies have shown that excess weight and obesity affected more than half the adult population in many countries. Common in rich countries, obesity is increasing rapidly in many emerging countries.

The French are too big or they do they tend to become? Are we equal before the food or are there any genetic predisposition to obesity? What is the relationship between diet and obesity, and between obesity and disease? Why obesity becomes a problem of public health? Can we prevent obesity by identifying individuals at risk particularly in disadvantaged populations? How to fight against weight gain or regain normal weight?

Understanding obesity

Around the world, the kilos accumulate …

In the U.S. one in three adults is obese (33% against 21% in the 60s) and in some minority communities such as African and Latin American. South America, Asia, India, Thailand and China are not spared especially in large cities and their suburbs. This affects not only the rich countries but also emerging countries. In Europe, obesity is also gaining ground and now affects 15-20% of middle-aged adults: 10% on average in northern Europe but up to 50% of the female population in Eastern Europe.

According to a recent survey (1997) of the Sofres, France would count 37% of adults overweight, including 8% obese. Young people are also more likely to be large and are becoming heavier. The number of obese people is increasing steadily, although this increase is slower than in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany. So France is still relatively untouched, perhaps through its cuisine but for how long?

The most threatening obesity among poor

In the occurrence of obesity, there are differences related to early socio-economic. The survey reveals that SOFRES obesity is more common than the family has limited financial resources. The occupations most at risk are farmers and laborers. The over-representation of obesity among the poor is predominantly female (5% of women, 3% of men). The barometer CFES-CERIN reveals that the percentage of obese women varies between 17% (income less than 6600 F) and 5% (income above 16 000 F). The results of the study SU-VI-MAX also show that obesity is more about the unemployed, pensioners, manual workers (11% against 4% for managers), confirming the apparent relationship between socioeconomic status and obesity . This relationship found in France as in other rich countries may be explained by social inequalities in health and differences in dietary habits. Difficult access to health care system makes random the early care and facilitates the occurrence of massive obesity complicated with hypertension, diabetes … Moreover, the means to fight against excessive weight – health, cure, diet, sports and gymnastics – increase with the level of household life. Finally, the low-income households are the biggest consumers of television and various studies have shown a correlation between weight and time spent watching TV, at least in children.

A low level of education increases the risk of obesity especially in women

The level of education appears to be a predisposing factor to obesity: the study Fleurbaix-Laventie women who have an education level lower than the CAP or BEP, after adjusting for other factors (number of children, activity physical, diet, smoking, alcohol) have a higher weight than women with a higher level of study. In Finland, the authors of the draft European MONICA found the same trend. According to the Nutrition Barometer 1996, CFES CERIN, we also observed that obesity is two to three times more common among people with low educational attainment. The time spent each day watching television is also higher among those with primary school education.

Ideal weight for obesity: early identification drifts

Obesity is defined by an excessive increase in body fat in proportion as it may harm the health of the individual. The concept of risk is part of the definition of obesity. The Body Mass Index or BMI assesses body fat and the importance of overweight. The BMI is simple to make: the ratio of weight (kg) on the square of height (in meters). As someone measuring 1.60 meters and weighing 65 kg has a BMI of 25 [65 / (1.6 x 1.6)]. Monitor BMI identifies early excesses of weight and early treatment:

- Between 19 and 25, normal weight.
- Between 25 and 30, there are overweight.
- From 30, we talk about obesity.
- Beyond 35, severe obesity.

Too many kilos … Less health

We rarely dare say that a person is fat and even less that is obese … We prefer to call a woman “a little high or coated, or a man” beefy “. This cautious language show that excess weight is primarily related to notions of aesthetics. Even if they vary at different times and civilizations, few women today would like to be compared to models of Rubens …

But excess weight, and a fortiori obesity represents a risk to the health of the individual. Obesity is responsible for cardiovascular complications, respiratory, osteoarticular because the extra kilos weary heart, makes breathing difficult, overwhelming the joints. Obesity is often associated with diabetes, gout, high blood pressure. Obesity is often linked to an increased number of work stoppages, the latest in disability and overall decreased quality of life. The psychological consequences of obesity, feelings of abnormality, social rejection and injustice of the system constraints are the cause of social isolation increased further by the social discrimination that raises obvious obesity.

Inform the obese to better treat obesity

Successful treatment of obesity is based on the active and motivated person. Grounds under strain it is necessary to know to analyze the failures and accompany the person in his care. Social, personal and family combine to dissuade him from his goal. Social factors are particularly represented by the constraints of working life, many people have lunch at their workplace, which does not facilitate a proper diet. However they should not settle for a sandwich or worse, skip lunch, thinking and promote weight loss faster.

Remember that 50% of obese eat too much but not necessarily evil. Family factors are also involved, since the establishment of a regime change and its follow family customs. In some families of obese, who decides to lose weight is a traitor to his face which clan, temptations to mockery, nothing will be spared. Finally, personal factors are equally important: the system must be lived as a penance to atone for the excesses of the past. Taking into account the personality of the subject is important to establish an effective regime thus personalized. On the other hand, dieting does not live in deprivation. It is always better to speak of food as recommended forbidden foods and preventing a dietary pattern should be followed for life not to resume the road to obesity …

The drugs against obesity: the pill that melts away the pounds is not yet available

Drug treatment of obesity is considered only when other measures failed. It is reserved for significant obesity, often complicated and high risk. These are the anorectics that cut hunger and particularly the desire for sweet foods. Orlistat, a prescription medicine available to physicians is a molecule that decreases the intestinal absorption of dietary fat intake. Fats and evacuated faeces can cause diarrhea greasy uncomfortable. Currently the cost of this treatment is about 600 GB per month not reimbursed by social security. In all cases, regular medical supervision and strict control is necessary for the effectiveness of treatment and the scheme and to monitor the safety of these drugs.

The story of genes for obesity

Obesity is a family heirloom at least in part. A child with a father or a mother obese at greater risk of becoming homeless. In the late 60s that the genetic nature of obesity has been demonstrated in mice. But not until 1994, we isolated the gene. If genetically obese mice, a single gene is responsible, in humans, however, a score of genes involved in obesity and so much remains undiscovered. In 1997, the discovery of a genetic defect blocking the production of leptin confirms the role of genetics in some human obesity. Leptin “satiety hormone” in informing our brain’s level of reserves of body fat induced a decrease in food intake.

Another hypothesis is being validated: that of receptors on the surface of fat cells. They are involved in the degradation of fats by the body’s needs. Some obese receptor unable to function and fat cells store fat without ever being able to release it.

Other genes are probably involved in controlling body weight which has not yet yielded all its secrets …

Invoice of obesity in the United States: 50 billion dollars per year

U.S. researchers have estimated that 50 billion dollars in health costs the cost of obesity and diseases related to it. Statistics from the study reveal that the average health expenditure is increased by 25% among overweight and 44% in the obese. The average annual number of days of hospitalization for obese is 74% higher than people of normal weight.

The economic cost of obesity in France was estimated at 2% of health spending in 1992 with one third attributable to hypertension. It is comparable to that of Australia and less than that of the Netherlands (4%) and USA (5-7%). This comparison must be qualified because of differences in health system according to the country.

The social cost of obesity, unemployment, disability pensions, sick … has not been evaluated.

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How to fight allergies

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

In Spain there are over 10 million allergy sufferers and the number continues to rise. Hypotheses about the reasons for this increase are many. They develop fewer infections than a few years ago and immunological memory seems to forget that there are substances that are not dangerous. Furthermore, pollution contributes to enhance some allergens and increasingly the human body is surrounded by new chemicals considered as enemies. Medications to relieve symptoms of allergy are antihistamines, corticosteroids and bronchodilators. The allergy is not curable, but there is a treatment that can induce tolerance to the allergen: immunotherapy, vaccines given over a period of three to five years. The most appropriate remedy is to know what type of allergy suffers, and prevention. For this reason, is suspected allergy, it is always advisable to consult a specialist.


An allergy develops when the immune system recognizes certain substances (allergens) as dangerous, although they are not, and experience different symptoms depending on the type of allergen: itchy eyes and nasal congestion, hay fever, problems digestive allergy to food or allergy skin reactions to drugs. Each of these conditions requires a particular treatment, so it is essential to know the source of allergy.

Pollen Allergy

Nearly eight million Spanish people are allergic to some type of pollen, such as grasses, olives or banana shade. Spring is predicted difficult, always conditioned by the weather, for the 4.5 million allergic to grass pollen, according to the Aerobiology Committee of the Spanish Society of Allergology and Immunology (SEAIC). Experts predict concentrations of grass pollen accumulated more than 5,100 grains per cubic meter of air. Nearly double last year.

The “season” will begin in April and is believed to the end of June pollen levels will be more tolerable. Only a rainy spring or unusual heat would help decrease them. Those allergic to pollen so-called “dry zone” of the Peninsula (Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia center) should exercise caution. The cities will be a “trap” for people with allergies, because the high concentration of ozone and the urban pollen is 20% more aggressive than that of rural areas. Therefore, treatment is started 15 days before the start of spring.

Fleeing the allergen

The first step in treating hay fever is detected, and it is easy to confuse with cold. Allergy can take several weeks or months while the cold only lasts seven days or less and the fever is more common than in the case of allergy. Another symptom of this sensitivity is the worsening of discomfort when going outside when it comes into contact with the pollen in suspension.

The main advice is to avoid going out, going to parks or gardens remain close, as far as possible and, above all, days of high pollen counts or wind. For more information, consult the web SEAIC.

During the early morning hours (between five and ten) and late afternoon (after seven), the pollen concentration is higher. However, at night, it is not advisable to sleep with the windows open and must be circular drive with the windows closed, drying clothes indoors to avoid pollen permeate and avoid snuff smoke, strong perfumes, insecticides or , among others. It is advisable to use air conditioning, as most of the devices incorporate filters that leave out the pollen.

Food reaction

Food allergy is an abnormal reaction to food and affects more than 7% of population. Symptoms occur immediately after eating the food. The most common are skin reactions (dermatitis and skin and mucosal edema), gastrointestinal (abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea) and, less commonly, swelling of tongue or lip. In adults, nuts (especially peanuts), fruit, fish and shellfish are responsible for many of these allergies. No drug or vaccine, so you have to see a doctor to identify the guilty and exclude food from the diet.

Dust mites

The mites living in the dirt cause this type of allergy, whose most common symptoms are respiratory problems and itchy eyes, and nose. It is one of the most common. Its favorite habitats are mattresses, pillows, carpets, rugs, sofas, stuffed toys, etc.. So it is preferable that mattresses and pillows are foam latex or acrylic. These microscopic spiders need a temperature of 25 º C and humidity optimum between 70% and 80% for reproduction.

Therefore, one of the measures to address them is to maintain a temperature below 22 º C and humidity below 45%. Wash clothing more than 55 º C also eliminated. It is necessary to clean the house frequently with a vacuum cleaner and a damp, protected by a mask, is best done in the morning and with the windows open, so the current is carried mites. The rest of the day, in the same way as with the pollen, the windows should be closed and, in summer, air conditioning with air filter is a good choice.
Animals and stings

Cats are “guilty” of these most common allergic reactions, breathing in your skin products, hair, urine or saliva. Symptoms include itchy eyes, nasal congestion and breathing problems. The best advice is to avoid contact with the animal but sometimes, enough habitat and thoroughly clean the house, and prevent it from entering the bedroom or living room. Other animals are also associated with allergies are dogs, horses, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits.

One less common is the reaction to insect bites, Which affects 1% of the population. However, its symptoms can take seriously. They are the bites from bees, wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and bedbugs the biggest culprits of these reactions. Bees and wasps are responsible for more severe symptoms such as loss of consciousness and severe breathing difficulties. According to a study by the SEAIC die each year in Spain from 10 to 20 people due to their venom allergy, and half of the reactions require emergency care. The aim is to avoid mosquito bites. To this end, the outputs of the nature must be covered with clothing arms, legs and neck and avoiding open-toed shoes. And if an insect is seated in the body, do not try to frighten him.

Children may suffer any type of allergy but the most common are respiratory (caused by pollen and dust) and the food. Also, the asthma allergic disease is more prevalent in children. The Excessive hygiene in infants and children is, according to many experts, one of the main causes of the increase in childhood allergies. Many pediatricians advise against using soap (or opt for neutrals) more than two or three times a week to bathe babies, and breastfeeding until at least six months because it strengthens the immune system. On the other hand, children whose parents have allergies are more likely to be. If both parents are allergic, the percentage reaches 80%, if only one, 60%.

Exposure to high levels of pollen during childhood multiplied by three the risk of asthma. There are studies indicating that infants who are in contact with excessive dust or animals are more likely to develop allergies. Never medicate your child without medical prescription, as it may develop hypersensitivity to the drug.

The food allergies most common are milk, egg and fish in children below 2 years, the egg, in children between 3 and 5 years, and legumes, cereals and nutsIn children over 6 years. A strategy for prevention is to delay (always under medical supervision) the introduction in the diet of potentially allergenic foods for the immune system has time to be further strengthened.

Allergies to drugs affecting about 5% of the population. Although any drug can be allergenic, the most common are antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and analgesics. The most common symptoms are skin reactions, difficulty breathing and swelling of lips. Faced with suspicion, we must not take more doses of the substance in question and consult a physician.

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When a disease affects few people

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

When a disease affects few peopleAre around 7,000. Rare diseases increase progressively identified, although their number is already very high. Those who are suffering from different diseases, but common shortages. The list of these needs is very broad. On paper there is a strategy and priorities, among which the creation of reference centers to diagnose and treat these diseases, as well as the shared desire by the victims and their families that promotes applied research aimed at finding a cure, compared to basic research that prevails today.

The first time I talked about Rare Diseases was in the U.S. in 1977. Since then, they have identified about 7,000 and, thanks to advances, there has been a real boom of the census of these pathologies. Steadily, identify new genes involved in its development. The result is that detect and recognize new diseases that so far only considered different symptoms, according to Isabel Campos, member of the Spanish Federation for Rare Diseases (ERDF), board member and spokesman in the Strategy Rare Diseases National

Between 75% and 80% of these rare diseases are caused by an alteration in the genes, while 20% -25% are autoimmune diseases, such as scleroderma or lupus erythematosus (LES). However, Campos points out, in addition to those affected, 3% of the DNA of all individuals is mutated and all people aged between 8 and 10 altered genes that could cause the development of a rare disease.

Most of these diseases are recessive inheritance, ie the mother or the father, never the two-transmit the causative gene, and for this reason, most people do not suffer. There are few dominantly inherited diseases, in which both parents transmit the mutated genes. This explains why diseases are of such low incidence as to merit the appellation “rare.”

In Spain, FEDER, established since 1998 and brings together some 200 associations, sailing for the many needs of these people. On average, it takes between 5 and 10 years for a diagnosis of the problem suffered and, when they receive it, have to live with many difficulties. “But despite having very different diseases, those affected have many common needs,” remarks the representative of ERDF.

Chronic, untreated and under-insured health

Much of these diseases are chronic and have no cure. Currently, only about 50 have been developed orphan drugs -Name that designates the drugs used to treat-an insignificant number considering that there are about 7,000 diseases, reporting Campos. Given this lack of pharmacological remedies, sometimes patients are treated with drugs indicated for other diseases, it has been demonstrated that can improve your quality of life. Doctors are administered in hospitals for compassionate use.

However, the high cost of these products and the fact that medications are designated for other pathology, limited treatment options. For this reason, FEDER advocates the creation of a national hedge fund to finance the payment of these products. Some patients need not only drug treatments, still designing, but also other types of care.

Those affected by skin diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa “Extreme fragility of the skin, which has been compared to that of a butterfly and that especially affects children, need sunscreen moisturizers, for health reasons, like drugs. ERDF argued that Social Security will cover these products for people diagnosed or suffering from another disease of low incidence and regularly require the use of sunscreen.

Similarly, in neurodegenerative diseases or neuromuscular rehabilitation maintained over time is a necessity because it improves the residual capacities of patients and prolonged their status of autonomy. If rehabilitation treatment is delayed four or five years may mean that patients have already used a wheelchair.

In this regard, ERDF requested to amend the Law on Cohesion and Quality of the National Health System, which currently provides rehabilitation treatment for people with functional deficit recoverable (such as after an accident), and extends chronic rehabilitation affected by rare diseases. Otherwise, reports Campos, these patients suffer from double discrimination for being chronically ill and having a rare disease.

Applied Research

More research, but applied. This is another of the claims of those affected, as the research done today is basic, ie, in search of the mechanisms that cause disease. Patients need to go further, that research is directed at finding a cure or improve their quality of life. “It is essential to investigate the idea of healing and not just the genes affected,” said Campos.

To achieve this, we must achieve a “change of mentality of researchers, to develop therapeutic drugs against these targets, he says. In those caused by a gene, such as Friedreich’s ataxia, the curative solution could come from the replacement of the defective gene (gene therapy), to be introduced into the body through an agent vector. In other polygenic or multifactorial diseases, we must seek other solutions in therapy or at least improve the quality of life of those affected.

Another important measure to promote applied research, according to ERDF, is to provide tax incentives for biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies with the capacity to develop innovative therapies, reports Campos.


The willingness of some doctors who have specialized in various rare diseases has led to the creation of centers. However, they can not rely on a single professional altruist whose retirement or death have a negative impact on patient care and, moreover, these “super special merit recognition for his work, says Isabel Campos.

ERDF has long claimed the provision of facilities, services and referral units, where patients can undergo all necessary diagnostic tests on the same day and receive a diagnosis as soon as possible. Centers should be to encourage their participation in clinical trials of interest, ensuring access to a specialized multidisciplinary care quality and help to any doctor to know the route most appropriate action for each patient diagnosed. The intent is to “harness the resources already available, offer them, and give them the recognition they deserve for professionals working in them,” said Campos.

Finally, one of the aspirations of patients is to draw up a register of affected people in Spain. All these questions are part of the National Strategy for Rare Diseases, adopted in 2009, although the representative of ERDF ensures that the decentralization of health services in 17 regions and having to talk to 17 different partners slows implementation. Favor a single health system in these patients.

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