Tooth decay in kids

Tooth decay is really a dental disease that causes tooth decay. When you eat some thing, particularly some thing sweet, acid begins to form in the mouth. The acids gradually dissolves the enamel on the tooth surface along with a hole is formed. Contact your dentist in the event you notice caries in your child. Early caries called kritk Aries and can appear as white spots or streaks on the teeth.

Tooth decay occurs when oral bacteria form acids. It happens each time you eat, but extremely a lot after you’ve eaten some thing sweet. Tooth enamel is attacked and can over time be dissolved.

When a hole well formed, bacteria can get via the dentin into the dental nerve. The milk teeth is quick simply because both enamel and dentin is thinner than in permanent teeth. The distance to the nerve is shorter.


The initial sign of tooth decay in kids is called kritk Aries who sits on the surface of the tooth and gives it a chalky. Occasionally sitting kritk Aries of maxillary incisor teeth along the gumline. Kritk Aries can also be discovered between the teeth, but you are able to not see with the naked eye. If kritk Aries are not treated formed a little hole in the tooth.

When tooth decay breaks via the enamel and go deeper into the tooth is irritated nerves and vessels in the dental pulp. The child might have a sore tooth.

In the event you do not do some thing about the hole, the child might have tooth pain when chewing, particularly when eating some thing sweet or cold. Finally, the child can get real toothache with swelling and was around the tooth.

The infection in the dental pulp can spread to the bone so that the gene for the permanent tooth damage. This development can proceed extremely rapidly, particularly if the child has poor eating habits and do not brush your teeth properly.

If the child has sore teeth have an effect on the entire general permit. The child might have difficulty eating and sleeping simply because of pain.


The primary treatment for caries is prevention. It’s not challenging to steer clear of tooth decay, or a minimum of keep caries at a low level.
Eating habits are essential

Caries bacteria and hence the risk of caries increases the much more frequently the child eats a sweet and sticky foods that remain at the teeth.
Kids ought to eat five to six normal meals a day. Any snacks should not contain sugar. It’s much better to eat a sweet dessert in connection with the food than between meals.
Give the
child water to drink between meals rather than juice or juice.
If your
kids are thirsty during the night it’s much better to give water rather than baby formula that contains sugar, juice or juice.
To breastfeed
frequently at night increases the acid attacks the teeth, simply because breast milk is extremely sweet.
Sweets, crisps, soft drinks
and also the like could be saved for special occasions, like Saturday candy.
Letting the
child eat all the candy at once is much better than spreading it out during the day and / or evening.

Dental Hygiene

With normal brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride can keep their teeth totally free of plaque and thereby decrease the risk of tooth decay.
As soon as the
child was given his initial tooth, you are able to start brushing their teeth. The toothbrush ought to be little and soft when the baby is little.
Fluoride strengthens teeth and fluoride toothpaste can
start utilizing when the initial tooth erupted. Fluoride is also obtainable in tablets and in munsköljningsvätska. Fluorine Chewing gums may be an choice during the teenage period.
To use an electric toothbrush may be an choice.
kids require adult assistance to brush their teeth twice a day, morning and evening, up to 90-10 years of age.

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