Asthma is a respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the airways that makes it sometimes becomes difficult to breathe. Most get very mild symptoms and less have a severe form of asthma. The faster your asthma may start processing the less problems you will receive in the future. In the clinic will help you manage your disease and learn to avoid situations that cause trouble.

In recent decades, the prevalence of asthma increased among both children and adults and is now estimated that six to eight percent of the population have asthma. The reasons for this increase is partly unknown, but both genes, environment and lifestyle seen as interfering.


If you have prolonged chest irritation with shortness of breath, wheezing, night cough, viscous mucus and the feeling was stopped in my chest, it may be asthma. Bronchitis or chronic respiratory tract infections can sometimes be confused with asthma.

Some may be difficult when it is cold and damp outside, the second effort, a cold or if exposed to something they are allergic to. Symptoms may occur in different ways with different people and the disease can also vary in severity at different periods of life.


Most people with asthma can live a completely normal life without having to experience asthma attacks. At the health center can help you get to know your body and your asthma. You will also learn how you can avoid situations and environments that cause asthma symptoms.

  • By self-measure your lung function with a simple lung function meter (PEF), you can keep some control of your asthma. Big changes generally indicates a worsening of asthma.
  • Find out when to take your medications. Ask your doctor if an individual written treatment plan. The plan should be prescription and dosage of medications and how you can modify your treatment when you get better or worse.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice on preventive medicine.
  • Does smoking cessation, smoking reduces respiratory problems. Smoking cessation aids available without a prescription at the pharmacy. Many medical centers are smoking cessation classes.

Ask for advice

If you have questions, or are unsure how to do this around the clock, you can ask a nurse via the Internet and get a personal response within two hours by logging in to My Contacts care. Here are answers all who ask. Click on the link to the right.

You can also round the clock to talk to a nurse and get advice, call the Care Guide on the phone 08-320 100th Those who respond can also talk about who is your family doctor.

In other languages

  • For advice on the Arabic call 08-528 528 38th
  • For advice on the Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian call 08-528 528 96th

Find Care

  • It is always unpleasant to have breathing problems but try to always take it easy and take the reliever medications. Seek medical attention if breathing does not move.
  • The rapidly evolving respiratory problems you should seek immediate emergency medical assistance

If you suspect that you have asthma, you should contact your GP for an asthma study. Turn also to the health center if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • When your asthma medications do not help.
  • Lengthy respiratory infections.
  • If your peak flow values deteriorate.
  • Increasing trouble.

The address and telephone number of a kind reception, go to Find Health Care. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via the Internet. Click on My care contacts.


Health center can make an asthma study. With the help of lung function tests examines your lungs and airways. Common tests are spirometry testing and PEF measurements.


It is important to treat your inflamed airways as early as possible. The quicker you can get a diagnosis and begin treatment, the less problems it will be in the future. The goal of asthma treatment is that you can live as normal a life as possible without getting symptoms that limit your interests or activities.

Talk to your doctor or nurse on what triggers your symptoms at home or work. Sometimes environmental advances help.


There are many useful and effective medications for asthma. They can be divided into two groups: preventive and treating inflammation reliever.

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