Cancer and it’s Symptoms,Prevention

Cancer is more common in older, but you can get cancer at any age. A cancer develops over time and can be treated by several different methods. There are about 200 different cancers. There is nothing we can do to completely exclude the risk of getting a cancer. Contact your GP if you suspect cancer.

Cancer affects many people in any way. Most of us know someone who has or had cancer. Every third person in Sweden are affected at some time during their lives from cancer.

The disease is about as common among men as among women, but men and women suffer from various forms of cancer. In Sweden, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men and among women, breast cancer is most common.

Cancer occurs more frequently among older people, but occurs in all ages. Cancer is very rare among children and adolescents. Only one percent of all cancers diagnosed in people under age 25 and an even smaller proportion of children younger than 15 years.

There are about 200 different cancers, each with varying degrees of severity. Thanks to increased knowledge, better treatment and better able to detect cancer at an early stage have the chance to fully cured has increased in recent decades. Some forms of cancer remains a high mortality. About 20 000 people a year die of a cancer in Sweden. This makes cancer the second leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases.


The human body consists of between 50 000 and 100 000 billion cells. Cells die and are replaced constantly by new cells. Cancer arises through changes in the genes that regulate cell growth and division. The cells start to divide uncontrollably and continue to proliferate without regard to surrounding healthy cells. Eventually form a tumor that can spread and form metastases, or metastases.

All tumors are not cancer, it is benign so-called benign tumors. Warts and fatty lumps are examples of benign, harmless tumors. Cancer means a malignant tumor known as malignant disease. Often together a variety of factors in a complicated way for a cancer to occur.

An inherited susceptibility combined with exposure to certain carcinogens may induce a cancer. Around ten percent of all cancers can be classified as hereditary. Studies show that cancer can also be caused by random changes in the genes. It is also well known that different risk factors, such as smoking, can contribute to causing cancer.

Symptoms of Cancer

A cancer develops over a long period, sometimes for years, and it is therefore common that it will be before it causes symptoms. It is important that the cancer is detected early, it increases the chances of curing the disease. Different cancers of various symptoms. Read more about each cancer of the links on the right or on general symptoms in healthcare Search below.


There is nothing we can do to completely exclude the risk of getting a cancer. We know that a healthy lifestyle with good diet and adequate physical activity makes us humans feel better and reduces the risk of many serious diseases, including cancer. Research agree to certain factors such as smoking, increases the risk of developing cancer.

By being attentive to their body’s signals can also increase the ability to detect cancer at an earlier stage, which is very important for treatment outcome.

Treatment for Cancer

You can treat cancer with several different methods. The treatment chosen depends on which organ is infected, how far advanced the disease, age and health of the sick. For example, treatment for leukemia in children, adults and older people are very different.

The most common treatments are surgery, radiotherapy, anti-hormonal therapy and chemotherapy are sometimes called chemotherapy or chemotherapy.

Advice and support

It is emotionally stressful to get a message about cancer. Often the fear of cancer can cause death the overwhelming, but you can also feel very concerned about pain and treatment. It is important to get help and psychological support in this situation, and it is an important part of treatment.

Do you already have contact with the care they will help you for the support you need. You can also contact a support organization. They can give you information and assist you to make contact with others in a similar situation.

Advice and support for family

If you are a family may also need support. There you can get from a support organization. They can give you information and help you make contact with others in a similar situation. If your relative has had contact with health care, you can also get support from the staff responsible for your relative’s care.

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