Dry mouth

Dry mouth due to salivary glands (salivary glands) produce too little saliva. Dry mouth can be caused by medication, stress, illness or radiotherapy. You can reduce damage from dry mouth by taking care of teeth and mouth well and have a good diet.

With less saliva in the mouth increases bacterial growth. Your ability tooth decay.

Dry mouth is one common problem that often increases with age. Many medications do you dry in the mouth. Dry mouth can also be due to:

* you eat too little chewable stimulant diet as fruit and vegetables
* you have weak masticatory muscles or bad teeth, making it difficult to chew
* you chew less because you are ill and bedridden
* you are under stress
* you have an inflammation of the salivary glands
* you have radiation therapy in head and neck, which can damage salivary glands.


It retained the dry mouth is difficult to eat and swallow food without drinking to. At worst, it may be difficult to talk.

* Take care of your teeth so that they are able to chew.
* Avoid medications that provide dry mouth, if possible. Talk to your doctor about it.
* Talk to your dentist / dental hygienist for preventive measures.

The dentist can measure your saliva flow. If dry mouth due to radiotherapy of head and neck, an inflammation or Sjogren’s syndrome dentist makes an investigation for you to receive the tandvårdsstöd you may be entitled. The support will give you some financial help for dental treatment caused by dry mouth.

You can do yourself to keep your mouth moist and stimulate saliva production:

* rinse your mouth frequently with water
* drink lots of water, but avoid soft drinks and juices
* chew your food well. Do not eat raw vegetables such as carrot and cucumber
* chew sugarless gum if you have not käkledsbesvär.

At the pharmacy are drugs that relieve dry mouth and increase saliva production, as lozenges and chewing gum. In severe dry mouth are also saliva substitutes in the form of gel or spray that can help. It is also important with extra fluoride administration. Ask your dentist or hygienist. If you suffer from dry mouth should take care of your teeth with extra care.

* Go to the dentist regularly, at least once a year.
* Brush your teeth carefully twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
* Use dental floss or dental stick.
* Avoid snacking.

If you are undergoing radiation therapy, there are specific guidelines for treatment of how to take care of your teeth during and after treatment.

Ask your pharmacist about your medicine may cause dry mouth. Pharmacy staff can advise you about mouth care.

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    Good stuff. this is why i love reading blogs other than my full time career as a dentist.

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