If you use any sexually

It is never okay to take someone on or related to your body in an embarrassing or uncomfortable way . Not friends , strangers , staff , parents or siblings or any other. If something happens , there’s help at hand.

Adults and young people who are much older than you should never move your body in any ” sexual ” way . If someone does that , it is not your fault . Anyone who is an adult or older responsible always for what he or she does . It has nothing to do with you . Other children may not do so unless you want to . You and your body has the right to be left alone .

What is sexual abuse ?

Gender or sex organs are the same as the penis or Snippe . Maybe you’re unsure of what is a sexual assault . Sexual abuse may include :

  • When someone wants to do something with your body that makes you feel uneasy and scared .
  • When someone touches your body in a way that does not feel good , or related to your genitals , or want you to touch the other’s genitals .
  • When someone rubs , rub or press their genitals against your gender in any way .
  • When someone wants you to use your mouth and suck , for example, or lick their body .
  • When an adult or more want to see your genitals , or want to show his own .
  • When someone is talking in a sexual manner .
  • When someone wants to see or shoot you without clothes .

These things are always counted as a sexual assault even if you want to do what an adult says or asks you to do . Adults should not ask you to do something sexual . It is only the adult’s fault in such cases . Not yours.

There is help!

Talk to an adult

For most , it is very difficult to tell what has happened . Maybe you feel guilty or hesitant . It might take several years before you dare to tell . It is never too late to tell

Talk to an adult you trust. You should not need to be afraid . You should also not be afraid of you gossip . Talking about what has happened is not to gossip . It has done this against you need help . You can not help him or her and you can not wait for it to stop . It is enough that it happened once that person has done wrong . Talk to your mom , dad , teacher , school nurse , a neighbor , your grandmother , grandfather , grandmother or grandfather or your friend’s mom or dad . The important thing is that you ‘re talking to someone and it ends .

It tells you it can then go to someone who is good at taking care of things here . It may include social services , or any group working to help those who have experienced sexual abuse . Your parents have no right to be angry at you for seeking help .

Places that can help you and your family

If you do not know who to talk to , there are several places you can call or e-mail . You can choose which one you feel good . Maybe you’ve heard of any of them before. In several of them , you can choose to remain anonymous to begin with . Maybe you first want to hear only what they can to help you with . Call from a friend or telephone if you do not want your parents to see on your phone bill where you called.

Talk to a nurse

You can also call Health Guide on the telephone on 08-320 100th Here are nurses and picks up the phone seven days a week around the clock . They can help you get help . It costs as a regular phone call .


You can also contact BUP , Child and adolescent psychiatry directly . Call first BUP where you live . Click on the links to the right address and telephone number . BUP Vaasa working specifically with children who have experienced sexual abuse .

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