HIV in pregnancy

You can give birth if you have HIV. There is no danger that the HIV epidemic is transferred to the fetus during pregnancy or the child during delivery if you have a successful treatment. During and after pregnancy, you have regular contact with various specialists. They help you to give birth safely. Talk to your treating hivläkare if you have HIV and are thinking of becoming pregnant.

Today you can have children even if you or your partner has HIV. Thanks to increased knowledge and good medicine is the risk that the HIV epidemic is transferred to the fetus removed at the treatment worked. This is partly because anti-retroviral drugs, and other preventive measures.

No children born to women with known HIV infection have been infected at birth in Sweden since 1998.

To give birth safely requires hivbehandlingen working well and that HIV can not be detected in the blood before birth. It is therefore very important that all women with HIV who are pregnant receive a diagnosis early in pregnancy. For this reason, even pregnant women who have HIV do not offer to test themselves.

Pregnant women with known HIV infection has been regular contact with the midwife, infectious diseases physicians, gynecologists, pediatricians, social workers and nurses. Of course, the partner may be having. The meetings will discuss how specialists woman can get the best possible care and how to remove the risk of infection being passed to the child.
Symptoms of HIV

It is common that at the beginning did not notice that you have been infected by HIV. Often it takes many years before any signs appear. You can have different and varying symptoms, such as:

* febrile periods
* weight loss
* various skin rashes
* fungi in the mouth.

A few people have the infection, transient symptoms that vary.

The damage to the immune system usually develops slowly. After five to ten years of infection, the immune system can no longer protect the body against various bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

If a person has a known HIV infection is already in treatment when the immune system is weakened a bit. The treatment makes the immune deficiency never develop, therefore, appear no symptoms or diseases.

Many patients do not know about his HIV infection and seek care only when they are sick because of weakened immune system. But even when the treatment works well for most people.

The infection can easily be determined by a blood test, whether you feel sick or not.
Prevent HIV infection to child

If you get the right elected hivbehandling in time is the risk that your child will become infected non-existent in Sweden.

However, there is a clear risk that the child can be infected through breastfeeding if the mother is untreated or have a poorly functioning treatment. For this reason, it is in Sweden under the Communicable Diseases Act is not permissible for an HIV positive mother to breast-feed.

A successful treatment is when there is detectable virus in their blood. The risk of HIV spreading further significant reduction in successful treatment. These people, however, according to the Communicable Diseases Act is still seen as potentially infectious. Couples where one partner is HIV-positive may be, from a legal perspective, not to have unprotected sexual intercourse for the woman to become pregnant.

At the HIV Center Karolinska University Hospital, pairs, where the man is HIV-positive and the woman is not, get help with so-called sperm washing. When one sperm washing hiv washed away from the seminal fluid and then there is no risk of infection. The woman can then undergo fertilization experiments.

There is no vaccine against the disease. Some vaccines are also not in sight.
Find Care

If you suspect that you have HIV infection, it is very important that you test yourself, both for your sake and for the future child’s sake. If you are pregnant, it is easiest to test you in connection with a visit to antenatal care. You can also contact the nearest health center or six-and coexistence reception.

You are currently testing the right to remain anonymous, that is to say that you do not have to reveal your identity. No signal can refuse to test you and you do not need to justify why you want to test you.

If you are HIV positive and planning to become pregnant, contact your treating hivläkare. If you are receiving HIV treatment may need to be changed because some of the medicines are not good for the fetus during pregnancy. You should also contact hivkunnig gynecologist and midwife for more information.

The address and phone number of a kind reception you can find by clicking on Find Health Care on top of the page. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via the Internet. Click on My care contacts on the right.
Study of HIV

HIV is detected by an HIV test, which is a blood test. All pregnant women are offered an HIV test in antenatal care. Already have a doctor look him or her that you get the care you need.
Treatment of HIV during pregnancy

If you are HIV-infected and do not get good treatment there is some risk that the virus is transferred from you to the baby during pregnancy. Risk of infection is greatest at birth. If your treatment is effective both risks taken away. He previously also recommended elective caesarean section.

Your immune system will be tested to see how it is affected by HIV infection.

Is your immune system weakened, you are treated with drugs for HIV throughout pregnancy. If your immune system is not very weakened, you will be treated with medicine for over half of pregnancy. The treatment is then to remove the risk of HIV transmission to their babies.
Support and advice

It is important that you feel you have ambient assistance throughout pregnancy. Your midwife, nurse and your doctor is there for you. Tell us what you need so they can provide the right support. For example you can talk to a counselor.
After delivery

If your immune system is weakened, your hivbehandling continue after pregnancy and childbirth.

The child treated with hivläkemedel about six weeks after birth. After birth, samples are taken to see if the child became HIV-infected, or not. The same samples are taken several times, especially during the first half, until we know that there are no viruses in the child’s blood.

Even when tests do not show any virus, the antibodies transferred from mother to child have disappeared from the child’s blood before they can explain it completely fresh. It takes about eighteen months before the mother hivantikroppar disappeared from the child’s blood.
Advice for relatives

If you are a family may need assistance. You have the opportunity to get this through contacts with health care and the staff responsible for your dependents. You can also get assistance from an aid organization. They can give you information and help you make contact with others in a similar situation.

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