Pregnant women should not eat fruit

Hot, dry summer and autumn weather, all kinds of fresh fruit market in large quantities, it is going to gobble mothers who give the calf when the vitamin.

Eat fruit during pregnancy should pay attention to the following:
1.  consumption of fruits should pay attention to food hygiene, raw fruit skin must be washed before, or go with a clean sliced
2. Fruits contain fermentable carbohydrate, on the teeth have a strong corrosive, should be promptly mouthwash after eating
3.  Avoid eating fruits immediately after meals will cause flatulence and constipation. Should eat fruit within 2 hours after meals or 1 hour before meals
4. Pregnant women eat no more than 500 grams of fruit is best. Try to choose low-sugar fruits, not uncontrolled eating watermelon, peach fruit, high sugar
5. Very much like to eat fruit and pregnant women, the best 24 of pregnancy and thoughtful 28 weeks, go to the hospital for regular blood glucose measurement, constant monitoring, to avoid the occurrence of gestational diabetes
6 . Pregnant women are also best not to immediately pull out of the refrigerator to eat the fruit, because fruit and put in the refrigerator a long time low temperature, pregnant women may be uncomfortable after stimulation, recommendations put off eat.

Pregnant women should not eat fruit
Hawthorn: pregnant women is often accompanied by drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other reactions, in particular, like to eat some sweet and sour fruit, hawthorn acid sweet taste, and many pregnant women like to eat. But Hawthorn have some excitement on the role of the uterus. Can promote uterine contraction. If pregnant women eat lots of hawthorn and its products, easily lead to abortion.

Longan: Although longan nutritious, is on a good tonic, but should eat less or eat during pregnancy. Because of its hot, warm, and after pregnancy, pregnant women are often easy to produce heat yin, then food will be hot on the heating Longan, killing pregnant women, dry stools, tongue dry and hot tire easily lead to pregnant women, vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and other symptoms of threatened abortion.

Apricot: apricot taste acidic hot, and there supermoto role. As the pregnancy heavier tire pneumatic tire heat, it should generally follow the “pre-Yi Qing” in the principles of food and medicine, and apricot characteristics of heat and supermoto for pregnant women, the taboo, unfit for human consumption.

There are other fruits such as litchi – easy to cause dry stools. Watermelon, Honeydew, cantaloupe, peaches – easily cause diarrhea. Jackfruit, durian – easy to cause loss of appetite. Fresh red bayberry – easy to cause too much stomach acid, are unfit for human consumption

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