Premenstrual tension

Premenstrual tension, PMS, called the physical or psychological changes that women can get before their period. Some may be tension in the breasts, or feel that your mood is affected. Exercise, good diet and enough sleep may relieve symptoms. If you have severe PMS symptoms, contact your gynecologist or health center.

Premenstrual tension in some form, most women prior to menstruation. Usually symptoms are mild. Between five and eight percent of all women have severe premenstrual symptoms.


It is common to mood swings and being easily irritable or irritated just before menstruation. You may feel nervous or have feelings of general unease.

Other signs of PMS can be:

  • that you increase a little bit of weight, which depends on the liquid collects in the body,
  • ‘re getting tension in the breasts or make them sore,
  • the stomach and / or calf becomes swollen,
  • ‘re getting hurt in the abdomen or lower back;
  • that you get headaches, dizziness and palpitations.

The symptoms can vary greatly. Most common is that you hardly notice them. For some women, symptoms, however, be so strong that they affect daily life.


Exercise, good nutrition and enough rest and sleep can reduce your pre-menstrual tension. Having sex can also ease tensions.

You should avoid stress and instead allow you to relax.

Find Care

If you have severe symptoms, contact your gynecologist or health care center for treatment.

The address and telephone number of a kind reception you can find by clicking on the Find clinic care at the top. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via the Internet. Click on My care contacts at the top right.


In many cases, severe PMS symptoms relieved with an injection of hormones. The addition Hormones affect the body’s hormonal balance and makes the disruption before menstruation becomes less.

For some women, diuretics, or antidepressant therapy in low doses to help the appeal. You may, together with your doctor, try things out, because treatments is a little different

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