Develop a method to inoculate vaccine without needle

Researchers at the George Institute of Technology in Atlanta (United States ) could have found a way to inoculate a vaccine without a needle , through a patch placed on the skin , according to a study published in the journal Nature Medicine. If the formula is successful, there is no need to go to a medical facility to protect against disease.

This method could revolutionize the way of administering vaccines “so easy and safe it is, ” said Professor Mark Prausnitz , director of the team. The patch contains about one hundred microscopic needle – length is 650 microns , six times the thickness of a human hair , made of biodegradable plastic and slightly penetrating painlessly into the skin surface . Then dissolve without a trace. This method “can help immunization programs by eliminating the need for specialized personnel and allow self-vaccination , “said Prausnitz .

The use of dressings , instead of syringes, ” transformed the battle against future pandemics, because patients are inoculated vaccines that may be sent by mail and may be administered at home without medical help , ” the researcher said. The use of patches and eliminate the costs of expensive infrastructure that carry mass vaccination campaigns . In addition, avoid the risk of using contaminated needles.

The researchers said that tests show that the patch is just as valid and secure than conventional injections . Experiments conducted with laboratory mice show that the pads work better than injectable vaccines to prevent influenza infections , as it penetrates into the body through the skin surface , which plays an important role in the immune system. Another advantage is that it facilitates the protection of people with a fear of needles , have a phobia that almost 10 % of the population.

In addition , the patch – vaccine formulation is presented as a dry (frozen) , which reinforces its stability during distribution and storage. Despite these benefits , you still need further testing on animals before being tested in human volunteers. In any case , the polymer plastic microneedles that are manufactured and used in medicine without side effects in the patient.

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