Animal Chunk

To be bitten by dogs, cats or other pets might be hazardous if the chunk is so deep that it bleeds. Make contact with your health practitioner if the bite is deep or swollen, tender and red, and if you have been deeply bitten around the arms or should you think you lack protection against tetanus.

An animal chunk is deep can cause critical and difficult to treat infections as a result of bacteria in the animal’s mouth. Although asked the man can cause serious infections.


Be sure you’ve simple protection towards tetanus. Standard safety is in thirty years. All children born in Sweden are provided these safety from the vaccination system. Seek advice from a nurse on the nearest health-related facility. Study the write-up Vaccination of kids.

Clap no dogs and cats in the world due to chance of rabies.

Self-care of animal

A superficial bite that doesn’t bleed substantially heal primarily by himself. Stick to these measures:

Wash your palms.
Wash the wound with soap and
Set possibly in a very bandage. Stay away from tight connections, an air compressor is greatest.

Professional medical treatment for animal bites

Make contact with GP or next närakut if:

the chunk is deep
bite is swollen, tender and red
you’ve got been deeply bitten on the palms or near a stage
assume you lack protection against tetanus.

If you get bitten by an animal abroad, it’s crucial which you urgently speak to the physician.

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