Renal Pelvic inflammatory disease

Renal Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection caused by bacteria that affects the kidney . The infection is more serious than the more common lower urinary tract infection because the bacteria do not remain in the bladder but spreads to the kidneys and sometimes the blood . In adults, the state gives typical symptoms as trouble urinating , high fever and pains in the back or along the sides . Quick Search care if you suspect renal pelvis inflammation .

Renal pelvic inflammatory infection usually begins in the bladder , but the bacteria do not stop there but spread to one or both kidneys and can then also reach the blood. This is a much more serious disease than cystitis. Cystitis affects only the bladder and is therefore called the lower urinary tract infection .

The disease is often painful and without treatment can lead to your kidneys are damaged or you may hypertension.

Symptoms of renal pelvis inflammation

The symptoms may be prominent , but is sometimes less obvious , especially in young children and very old . In typical cases, onset begins as a cystitis Having difficulty to urinate , then you often high fever , chills , a feeling of being really sick and have pain or soreness in the back or along the sides .

In young children, fever may be the only symptom . In elderly people the infection can prove to a deteriorated general condition, or with confusion .
Preventing renal pelvis inflammation

If you’re prone to urinary tract infection may reduce the risk of recurrence if you drink a lot and urinating frequently . It is important that your bladder is emptied completely , otherwise it increases the risk of infection .

Women should wash the genital area with movements from the urethra and back so that no bacteria in the field out there.

Do you often have trouble with urinary tract infection , you may want to make a supplementary investigation . Contact your GP and listen .

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