Urinary tract infection in children

Urinary tract infection in children is quite common. Among very young children, it is mostly boys who are affected. After six months of age, urinary tract infection is more common in girls. It can be difficult to detect infection in young children. Sometimes the child just a high fever. If your baby has high fever and / or are affected public should contact the hospital.

Urinary tract infection is usually due to so-called coliform bacteria have spread from the intestine up through the urethra to the bladder. A urinary tract infection without fever is usually limited to the bladder (cystitis) and need to be treated to alleviate discomfort. The infection generally provides no complications.

For the younger children often spread the bacteria further up into the kidney and renal pelvis inflammation provides. This gives the child a high fever. When small children are renal pelvis inflammation may be a sign that the child has a malformation of the urinary tract, such as a stricture. Therefore it is important that young children receive a proper investigation.


In small children it is sometimes difficult to detect urinary tract infection. The only sign may be that the child is not gaining weight. Older children often complain that it hurts when they urinate and the need to urinate often. Sometimes they urinate on themselves too easily.

High fever without other symptoms, like intermittent fever spikes, may be due to a renal pelvic inflammation. Some children with renal pelvic inflammation was also hurt in the stomach or side and vomit.


Urinary tract infections may come back and it is important that parents are alert to the signs. When you suspect your child has the infection, ensure that the child may submit urine samples. A little older girls (preschool age and early school age) may sometimes recurrent urinary tract infections. These girls often have problems passing urine and may urinate on themselves during the day. First, you must then ensure that the girl regularly go to the toilet. If it does not help, you should contact a pediatrician for further assistance.

Urinary tract infection is not due to a lack of hygiene. Excessive washing is more harm than good because the mucous membranes may be irritated. Girls with urinary tract infections should wash as usual. It is important to wash and wipe themselves from front to rear.

When a child had a urinary tract infection may often different parents advice on preventive measures, to avoid swimming, keep warm and to drink a lot. Some children might be helped by this, but it has never been shown that it can do no good.


Urinary tract infection is not contagious.


Children with fever should stay home until the fever went down. When the baby are doing well, it can go back to preschool or school, even if antibiotic treatment is continued for a few days.


If a child shows signs of urinary tract infection urine samples taken. Young children find it difficult to urinate on command, and therefore is often a so-called påsprov. A plastic bag taped around the penis or snippan to collect urine.


Young children with renal pelvic inflammation should be managed by pediatricians. The youngest children are often hospitalized for a few days in order to ensure that the treatment works.


If the urine test indicates that the child has a urinary tract infection are given antibiotics for about ten days.


In small children with urinary tract infection usually x-ray of the urinary tract to see if there is narrowing and / or other abnormalities of the urethra or ureter. In some cases, such a change need to be addressed.


Children who had renal pelvic inflammation should be followed up with renal imaging after a time that you should ensure that they do not have scars on the kidney.

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