Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis (also called “hay fever”) occurs when breathing something you are allergic and makes the Internal nose inflamed. Rhinitis allergic affects 40 million people in the United States.

“CHAT are the indications and symptoms allergic rhinitis?

Symptoms rhinitis are allergic similar to a cold common. Without However, a Unlike symptoms common cold, the symptoms allergic rhinitis may last longer 8-10 days and may include: Nasal congestion Sneezing runny.

Itchy nose itchy eyes or watery eyes. Children with allergic rhinitis may have dark circles, or use the palm hand to tighten the nose trying relieve itching (What is known as “the greeting allergic).

Cough caused by mucus that down by the posterior throat.

“Cual is the cause of allergic rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis is due to substances causing allergies called allergens. The allergens may be within home. When rhinitis is allergic allergen External common as mold or pollen trees, grasses and herbs, usually called allergic Seasonal or fever hay. ”

Rhinitis also allergic may be due allergens present in homes, and dander animals (small skin flakes saliva), fungus d e interior, ex increments of cockroaches or mites house dust (Tiny creatures found in houses).

If you have symptoms spring is likely allergic to pollen trees. If symptoms in summer probably allergic to pollen pasture grasses and herbs.

If you have symptoms in late summer and autumn probably Pollen aller GICO of trees.

Loa mites, mold and dander animals (saliva or skin flakes) cause symptoms Throughout the year.

An allergist / immunologist can testing of allergy skin to decide allergens cause of their symptoms.

What options there treatment?

The antihistamines and nasal spray is found in stores can something to help principle, but may have ef side ect unpleasant. These Antihistamines can cause tiredness and spray nose can worsen congestion. The nasal spray and Antihistamines prescribed by your doctor is a different type of medicine, and are very helpful control symptoms. Some safe for young children and all are safe for adults.

Your allergist / immunologist determine the medicine and Health Matters more suitable for you.

What are shots allergies?

For some patients, injections allergy, also called immunotherapy are very useful, and safe. Injections allergy help the body handle allergens.

Perhaps your doctor will talk about shots if your allergy symptoms are allergic strong or very strong whether the experience to Throughout the year, if not respond well to medication or if due to allergens difficult to avoid as pollens flowers or Ácrings house dust.

I can do something for avoid rhinitis allergic?

You can make some changes in house could contribute to improve symptoms: Although it is better not pets if have allergic rhinitis, if you wash your pet (With hair) a once a week and no enter leaves bedroom and keeps removed from the bedroom, the situation may improvement.

Put pillows mattresses within plastic bags sealed to prevent mites, and wash the sheets with water hot once week. Washers Laundry no torque sufficient water loa kill mites.

Keep windows closed. If possible, use a the air conditioning and dehumidifier to that there are so many pollens and molds in the home.

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