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Burns and its type

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Most of the burns are minor injuries that occur in home in the workplace, is very common to suffer from a minor burn caused by hot water, a curling iron or touching a hot stove. Family oriented treatment is usually all it takes to heal and prevent other problems, which could be an infection.

There are many types of burns:

The burns caused by heat (burns thermal), these burns are caused by fire, steam, hot objects and liquids, the burns caused by hot liquids are burns that most commonly cause lesions in children and the elderly.

The burns Electric are caused or contact with electrical sources or by lightning.

The burns chemical are caused by contact with household chemicals or industrial chemicals in liquid, solid or gaseous, also health food quicantes as peppers, which contain a substance irritating to the skin can cause a burning sensation.

The burns by radiation are caused by the sun, tanning beds, x-rays and also for radiation therapies used to treat cancer.

The burns by friction contacot are caused by hard surfaces such as roads, carpets, and the surfaces of the dreams of a gym, generally these cause damage by scraping the skin and cause a burn injury. Theburns by friction are common in athletes who fall to the floor or tracks. The motorists and cyclists who use protective clothing can suffer fromburns by friction.

Burns by inhalation are when you inhale hot air and gases, they also cause injury to the lungs. Breathing in toxic gases such as carbon monoxide can cause poisoning.

The burns cause injury to the skin layers and may also damage other parts of the body such as muscles, nerves, lungs and eyes. The burns are defined as burns first, second, third and fourth grades, depending on how many layers of skin are burned. Lie deeper and larger the affected skin area of the burn is more serious.

The burns first grade are burns that damage the first layer of the skin.

There are two types of burns second grade:

The superficial partial thickness burn that damages the first and second layer of skin.

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