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Asthma in Children

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Asthma is an inflammatory disease characterized by mucus formation and the muscles surrounding the airways drag themselves into convulsions and obstruct breathing. Contact the care of the child has a stuffed into his chest, heavy breathing and wheezing or prolonged cough.

Asthma has become a common disease in Sweden, today has about eight percent of all schoolchildren asthma. Many children have periods of asthma during childhood which then goes over. It is less than half that develop chronic asthma.

Asthma is a hereditary disease. Today, however, diagnosed asthma in more than can be explained by hereditary factors. Children who have allergies, like pollen, fur or mite allergy also suffer more frequently. Asthma can range from very serious symptom of mild transient symptoms rapidly. Asthma can be triggered by allergic reactions and of various substances that irritate the airways to drifting dust, cigarette smoke and noxious gases, and raw and cold weather, exertion, respiratory infections and more.

Most have a mild to moderate asthma. Severe asthma provides a powerful, sometimes life-threatening asthma attacks that can lead to frequent hospitalizations.


Asthma manifests itself in heavy breathing, wheezing, cough, viscous mucus and the feeling was stopped in his chest. Symptoms may be difficult to distinguish from bronchitis and chronic colds.

Asthma attacks can range from several minutes to several hours, but can sometimes last for several days. Discomfort is usually worse late at night and early morning.

Untreated, inflammation of the bronchial mucosa lead to chronic effects, with prolonged constriction of the airways that results.

Ask for advice

If you are unsure of what to do around the clock, you can ask a nurse via the Internet and get a personal response within two hours by logging in to My Contacts care. Here are answers all who ask.

You can also round the clock to talk to a nurse and get advice, call the Care Guide on the phone 08-320 100th Those who respond can also talk about who is your family doctor.

For advice on the Arabic call 08-528 528 38th

For advice on the Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian call 08-528 528 96th

Find Care

You should contact an emergency room if your child has:

  • heavy breathing and wheezing in combination with the viscous mucus
  • the feeling was stopped in his chest.

You should consult your health care center if your child has:

  • prolonged cough.

The address and telephone number of a kind reception, go to Find Health Care. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via the Internet. Click on My care contacts.

Investigation and treatment

If your doctor suspects asthma made a thorough investigation of the child. Often also takes into account the child’s environment, for example if they have fur. Sometimes it is also measured lung capacity.

If asthma is due to allergy, it is important to try to remove all allergens from the child’s environment and also provide information on preschool and school if the child’s symptoms.


In asthma there are many effective medications that are both symptoms and prevention depressant. The symptoms depressant medication dissolves the seizures of bronchial muscles. Preventive medications reduce

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