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Broken bones

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Broken bones, fractures, meaning that one or more of the bones were charged with greater force than it can cope with and, therefore, agreed to. If you after a movement, an event or class has felt a sudden, persistent pain and can not move or support the body part you should contact your local hospital emergency room or hospital.
Fractures are caused by the bones of the skeleton overburdened, often through excessive force. It can happen in an accident or by the bone is weak, for example due to osteoporosis. Children who grow a fragile skeleton and therefore happen more often out of broken bones. Three of the four boys break any bones before the age of 16.

Sometimes we talk about a crack in the bone. This means that the broken leg, but that it still held together by the surrounding soft tissue. Such damage is not visible always in radiology.

A single fracture means the bone is broken and that there are two fracture fragments. In a complicated fracture is a mixed area with more bits of bone. The skin and underlying tissues can be damaged when both a simple fracture of the complex. Skin and tissue can also be relatively intact in both types of injury.

Stress or fatigue fractures can occur if you are totally untrained, and suddenly begins to train hard. The skeleton needs a period of slowly increasing pressures to adapt.

Pain is the primary sign of a fracture. It can also become swollen around the fracture. When you try to move the body part that is damaged, it hurts. It can also hurt when you touch the affected area. The injured body part may be wrong position or abnormal movement.

Usually bleeding occurs around the fracture surfaces. After some days it can be seen as a significant bruising of the skin.

Minor fractures have milder symptoms.

It can be difficult to distinguish a fracture from a sprain. Read more in this article Sprain or sprain.

Osteoporosis can be prevented by eating nutritious with calcium-rich dairy products and vegetables such as broccoli. It is also important that you charged to the skeleton by regularly moving. Walk with poles. Read more in this article Hips Crime.
Find Care
If you feel during an activity of a sudden, persistent pain and can not move or support the body part you should contact the local hospital or emergency ward in hospital

If you suspect that someone has broken a bone, and the wounded can not move, call 112 for ambulance. Read more in theme First Aid

The address and telephone number of a kind of reception can be found under Find Health Care. You can also contact some receptions and order a time via e-Care Guide Service My health care contacts.
In order to be able to find out if there is a fracture radiographed the injured body part. It is unfortunately not always as you can see a fracture on X-ray.

If benbrottet due to a known osteoporosis, you do not X-rayed. The doctor then goes on the previous disease history and made the inquiry.
Sometimes you need to put the broken bone into place. This is done under anesthesia.

In some cases required surgery, for example, at the femoral crime.

You need a support leg to be held in proper position during healing. It can be done with plaster cast or other external support units. The fractures that require surgery usually secured by internal steel bars, nails or screws.

Some bones are held in place naturally and need no support bandage. A broken rib may for example supported by the muscles around it.

Healing time for a fracture is between 2 and 40 weeks, depending on the damaged bone, the type of fracture it is and if you continue to grow. Fractures heal faster in children than in adults.
It is important that as early as possible to start training up and move muscles and joints around the fracture site because they will not weaken or stiffen. This is done with the help of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy also improves blood supply to the damaged area and make the healing go faster. Gymnastics also prevents swelling.

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