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The black henna tattoos ephemeral: absolutely avoid!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Allergic Eczema up due to a type of tattoo

For 5 years, dermatologists and allergists reported cases of allergic contact dermatitis a few days to weeks after the completion of tattoo ephemeral based black henna. These reactions are due to the presence of a black dye. Last year, 32 cases were registered against 17 in 2007. The number of cases has risen sharply, but this may also reflect the impact of the information campaign conducted in 2008 which led to improved reporting of these serious side effects.

Allergic eczema have been reported mainly in women, average age 17 years. However, it was children aged 4 to 12 years in 12 cases.

Note that the allergic reaction may be limited to the tattooed area or spread to the surrounding area, and indeed the whole body.

Reactions can be severe and require urgent medical intervention with hospitalization.

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Finally, this can cause allergic dermatitis Polysensitization including rubber, dyes, clothing or hair dyes. The problem is that this is then Polysensitization irreversible and can be very restrictive, such as preventing the practice of certain occupations (hairdressers …).

Finally, resist the temptation to make a tattoo, as ephemeral as it is, you may leave a bitter memory for a lifetime. And if your child demands it, be firm! Another safer alternative: choose a tattoo of an orange-brown color, but especially not black!

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