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Milk should pay attention to small details

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Milk is rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and other food. Milk should be aware of the following small details.

Avoid sunlight milk
B vitamins in milk exposed to sunlight will soon be destroyed, so best to use stored milk colored or opaque containers, and stored in cool place.

Avoid milk and tea to drink with
Some people like to drink milk side edge tea, the habit of southerners than northerners.
In fact, this approach is not scientific to drink, because milk is rich in calcium ions, and tea in some of the elements will hinder calcium absorption in the gastrointestinal weaken the inherent nutritional content of milk.

Avoid using copper heating milk

Currently, a number of high-grade copper utensils in there are applications, such as copper pot, copper heating cup.
Copper can accelerate the destruction of the vitamin, especially in the heating process, the copper on the milk has a catalytic chemical reaction occurs, will accelerate the loss of nutrients.

Drink a glass of milk a day more appropriate
From Harvard University and other research institutions, a nutritional epidemiologist and dairy products of 36 experts reached consensus recently, the United States in 2005 revised guidelines for consumption of milk “to drink three glasses of milk a day recommended adult” is unwise, adult Drink a glass of milk a day more appropriate.

Easy to forget the details of the mouth to drink milk stink
Milk contains nutrients, often known as the body is necessary, “white blood.” However, each time after drinking milk, people often feel the throat dry as, and in the oral cavity have an eccentric taste. Beijing Hospital dentist Yang Hong said that this is because we ignored the last one “process” – to drink a small cup of warm water.
Many people will not notice the small details that one brush teeth after drinking the milk on the line, while others even drinking milk before bed straight to sleep. In fact, these are easy to form bad habits of oral diseases.
“To prevent the breeding of oral bacteria, mouthwash immediately after drinking the milk, it can not only remove the remnants of the mouth of milk, but also attached to the throat on the flush of milk residues, play a clean mouth, throat, the role of moisture .
However be noted that a small amount of water must, because drinking too much water will dilute the concentration of gastric juice, milk affect the digestion and absorption in the human body. Especially at night not to drink too much, drink too much because the eyelid easily result in swelling, will run at midnight the old toilet, the quality of sleep.

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