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Acute pancreatitis

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Acute pancreatitis can you get if you drink too much alcohol or if you have a gallstone disease. It makes a lot of pain high up in the stomach. Sometimes the pain radiates to your back, between shoulder blades. Please contact the care of acute problems of this type.

Pancreas, pancreatic, is 15-20 centimeters long gland behind the stomach, the duodenum and the spleen. It produces pancreatic juice for digestion and hormones on blood sugar balance.

It is common for inflamed pancreas of alcohol to excess. Scientists believe it is because the alcohol creates an inflammation-causing chain reaction in the glandular tissue. Eventually, the inflammation can become chronic and lead to chronic pain, poor nutrition and diabetes.

Pancreatic cancer can also become inflamed when there are gallstones, and this has now become the most common cause. After the gallstones are small ports in the aisles outside the gallbladder, they can temporarily block the path of pancreatic juice.


Magsmärtan of pancreatitis will quickly, in five to ten minutes. It makes a lot of pain high up in the stomach, the left rib arch. Sometimes the evil rays of your back, between shoulder blades. The stomach becomes distended and tender.
The patient is pale and cold sweat, could be nausea and vomiting. Symptoms similar to those in acute myocardial infarction or broken ulcer.


Be careful with alcohol. If you have gallstones, talk to your doctor about making a gallstone operation.


If you got the disease because you drank too much alcohol, you must refrain from drinking alcohol. Do not eat fatty foods and apples if you have gallstone symptoms ease.


The doctor will take blood samples and examining the stomach from the feel of it. The stomach is also examined by ultrasound, CT scan or MRI.


When searching for acute pancreatitis, you get strong pain killers syringes and drip. You must not eat or drink until the acute symptoms have disappeared.


Immediate surgery is rarely necessary. Your symptoms caused by gallstone attack usually gallbladder surgically removed when the inflammation subsided.

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