Dr. Howard Wood Blume

Male , Neurological
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Address : 330 Brookline Ave, Boston .
City : Boston
State : Massachusetts
County : Suffolk
Phone : 617-734-9944
Fax : 617-734-4977
Primary Specialty : Neurological Surgery


1) Major activity : Office Based Practice


Mrs. _FE_ADDEDON: October 12th, 2011
_FE_POSTEDBY: Janet J. Hart
I just happened to land on this site while looking at a site featuring piano and flute music. Seeing Dr. Blumes name, I looked further. Dr. Blume was my back doctor for several years, performing 3 operations out the 4 that I had. He is the reason that I am walking today. I spent 10 years in a wheel chair or on 2 canes. Not only did he get me walking again, I even dance with my husband and go for walks with my grandchildren. He was a quiet, gentle man, and it was very difficult to get him to smile or laugh, but I did manage to once or twice. I remember all the times I went to his office for a check up, and he would always very gently put my shoes and socks back on for me and tie the laces. I was touched by that. He was a fantastic surgeon and I always felt that he would do everything possible to help me live a better life. I miss him very much. I still have back problems and my back is deteriorating, but I have not found another back doctor yet. Even though it has been around 10 years since I was seen by Dr. Blume. I have just been going to my primary care doctor for pain meds. Dr. Blume is a tough act to follow, and I know I will never find a doctor that I trust with my back like I did him. I live in Goffstown NH, and gladly made the trip to Boston to see him. I know that I am facing more surgery for back issues, and my pcp wants me to find a surgeon to take over because my back is complicated and he isn't comfortable treating me for it. But I just don't know where or how I will find a man or a doctor that can fill Dr. Blumes shoes. I was devastated when I heard he had passed away. He was so gentle and caring when examining me that I never had to fear going in for office visits and being poked and prodded and bent like some doctors do, causing me to leave their office in more pain. I miss you, Doctor Blume, and I know you are with God. I also know that I will never find your equal in this life.

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