Dr. Luciano Tuluca

Male , Rehabilitation
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Address : 2114 williams bridge rd, suite 1, , Bronx .
City : Bronx
State : New York
County : Fairfield
Email : tulucamedicalpc@hotmail.com
Phone : 3472818900
Primary Specialty : Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation
Secondary Specialty : pain management


1) Major activity : Invasive spine pain management

Hospital Affiliation

Albert einstein College of Medicine


patient _FE_ADDEDON: November 20th, 2010
_FE_POSTEDBY: joanny geronimo
great doctor, excellent with the diagnostic and procedures-painless

EXCELLANT!!! _FE_ADDEDON: February 11th, 2012
Wonderful professionalism, a proficiency and caring. Treats patiant as a whole, not just a chart. After 13 years of constant excruciatingly worsening chronic pain, Dr Tuluca has helped me more than then dozens on doctors ive delt with!

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